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1: Servers used to resolve names

A.   Forwarders

B.   Netsh interface isatap set state enabled

C.   64-bit

D.   Three

2: ImageX _________________ all changes you make to a mounted image

A.   Does not automatically save

B.   Physical Layer/Layer 1

C.   Subnet Mask

D.   Zone.dns

3: After DHCP is installed - you must configure _____ for DHCP clients to receive addresses.

A.   Slmgr.vbs /ipk

B.   32 - 4

C.   WindowsPE

D.   Scopes

4: Which can be used in place of WINS on networks that require the resolution of NetBIOS names?

A.   Transport layer


C.   Install IIS 7 as a Web server on MSN-WEB-001. - Install Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services on MSN-WEB-001

D.   LMHOSTS file - Global Names Zone

5: You have been given a server with the following hardware specifications: Processor: Quad-Core Processor 64-bit - Memory: 8 GB - Available Disk Space: 135 GB - Drive: CD-ROM Drive - Given these specifications - can you install Windows Server 2008

A.   Manual Back-up

B.   No - Windows Server 2008 requires a DVD-ROM drive

C.   Domain Controller

D.   169.254

6: Allows IPv6 routers and hosts to communicate across IPv4 networks - requires a router that supports it - Interface ID is separated into two parts - First 32 bits are either 0:5efe for a private address or 200:5efe for a public address - Last 32 bits

A.   DNS records

B.   Cannot


D.   Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)

7: Choose the binary conversion that best matches the IP address -

A.   Offline

B.   11000000.10101000.0011010.11010100

C.   Conflict

D.   Networking

8: In IPv6 - Allow clients on the same subnet to communicate without DHCP or manual configuration - The IP address range is through The client also configures itself with a default class B subnet mask of A clien

A.   APIPA addresses

B.   Base-2 numbering

C.   Netsh interface ipv6 show teredo

D.   AD DS-integrated DNS uses the multimaster replication process of AD. - All AD DS-integrated DNS zone records are stored in the Active Directory database.

9: The amount of time a client keeps an IP address before releasing it.

A.   Ping

B.   DHCPAck - DHCPRequest - DHCPOffer - DHCPDiscover

C.   70 -016 KB

D.   Lease Duration

10: Your manager has asked you to research options for deploying three Web-based applications to your network to MSN-WEB-001. Also - the applications need to use directory-based authentication without adding a domain controller to your network. Which ste

A.   Install IIS 7 as a Web server on MSN-WEB-001. - Install Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services on MSN-WEB-001

B.   Windows PowerShell

C.   Net stop dhcpserver

D.   Net.exe

11: You have been asked to reconfigure the size of the DNS event log based on new information about your network environment. You have determined that your DNS servers handle 10 -000 events per day and you need to keep 14 days of information. Which of th

A.   6to4

B.   70 -016 KB

C.   Windows NT 4.0

D.   11000000.10101000.0011010.11010100

12: These technologies improves the installation process in Windows Server 2008

A.   Dynamic routing protocols and pre-configured static routes

B.   Windows Preinstallation Environment

C.   Windows Image Format (WIM) - Windows PE

D.   Every 1 hour

13: Not available or routable on the Internet - Used by administrators deploying internal networks.

A.   Private IP addresses

B.   NetBIOS names to IP Addresses

C.   Global Names Zone

D.   Key Management Services (KMS)

14: Industry standard of DNS servers on the Internet and networks running DNS on UNIX/Linux systems.

A.   Manually configuring IP addresses

B.   Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)

C.   Domain Controller

D.   Dynamic routing protocols and pre-configured static routes

15: Image X can only be used for capturing and applying full images of an OS. It cannot be used to _______________. It supports only .wim file type unlike the third party applications for imaging.


B.   Ipconfig /all

C.   Apply updates to an OS or software applications

D.   Protocol suite

16: What responsibility does the domain controller locator function perform on an Active Directory client?

A.   Querying DNS for the location of local domain controllers and global catalog servers.

B.   Fully qualified domain names (FQDN)

C.   DHCP relay agent - RFC 1542-compliant router

D.   No - Windows Server 2008 requires a DVD-ROM drive

17: Can be used to create a user account

A.   Netsh interface ipv6 set teredo client

B.   DNS domain

C.   Net.exe

D.   Set all the configurations for Server Core through the command prompt

18: WAN connections often use connections that have ____ speeds than LAN connections.

A.   IPv6 over IPv4

B.   Lower

C.   Forward lookup DNS zones

D.   Tracert

19: ______________ can be done through the GUI using Server Manager

A.   Authorization of the DHCP server

B.   Groups

C.   PowerShell

D.   Installing the DNS role

20: Used for transferring images across the network. It is the key component of the Preboot eXecution Environment - the backbone of WDS. It's traffic is connectionless in nature - meaning the sequence of data packets or data grams is not guaranteed.

A.   Run ImageX by booting from Windows PE.

B.   XML

C.   Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

D.   Viewing the header of a data packet

21: Read-only copy of a zone that obtains its resource records from the name servers that are authoritative for a particular zone.

A.   100 Mbps hub

B.   Client-based stateful firewall

C.   IPv6 transition technology

D.   Stub zone

22: Calls into the help desk are reporting that users are receiving incorrect host name requests for your internal file server - files.widgets.local. It appears that the users with - or NS1.widgets.local - as their preferred DNS server are havi

A.   IPv4 - IPv6 - ARP - ICMP - IPsec - IGMP - IPX - X.25

B.   Nslookup -type=A files.widgets.local

C.   Pathping

D.   Answer file

23: The site name itself - Example: 'Google' or 'nytimes'

A.   NetBIOS names to IP Addresses

B.   The second level domain

C.   Ping -t

D.   T1

24: When using the Windows Deployment services role to remotely deploy OSs via the network - what other services must be present?

A.   Remote and Routing Tool

B.   DHCPNack

C.   Recursive queries

D.   Domain Name Services (DNS) - Active Directory (AD) - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

25: The Local Area Network networks scale is used for highly-connected private networks like a...

A.   Cache-Only DNS servers

B.   Single office building or a home network


D.   Event Viewer

26: Workgroup and domain installations of DHCP do not require the ________________ before IP addresses can be allocated.

A.   70 -016 KB

B.   Every 1 hour

C.   Authorization of the DHCP server

D.   Network Architecture

27: ___has replaced the ___in Windows Server 2008 as a method for deploying images across your network.

A.   Neighbor Discovery

B.   WDS - RIS

C.   PowerShell

D.   Session layer

28: What layer of the OSI model do MAC addresses work on?

A.   Layer 2

B.   Windows Deployment Services

C.   Benefits of using DHCP

D.   Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC)

29: ___ is a customizable/Limited 32-bit operating system that can be used for installation - troubleshooting and recovery of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.

A.   Standard and Active Directory

B.   WindowsPE

C.   Teredo

D.   50% of lease duration - 87.5% of lease duration

30: Resolves IP address to host names for DNS clients.

A.   Intranet

B.   Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)

C.   Pointer records

D.   Physical layer