RHCSA Commands MCQs

RHCSA Commands MCQs

The following RHCSA Commands MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of RHCSA Commands. We encourage you to answer these 30 multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: Program to analyze standard log files and send a summary email to root

A.   Chkconfig vsftpd on

B.   IPtables forward chain

C.   Logwatch

D.   Tar cxtv

2: Uninstall a package group with yum

A.   #yum groupremove

B.   #yum grouplist

C.   #virsh destroy domain-id

D.   Chkconfig httpd on

3: Append this to the /etc/rsyslog.conf to send mail to student@server6.example.com

A.   $ grep -v ^# /etc/nsswitch.conf

B.   MailTo=student@server6.example.com

C.   Yum provides

D.   #rpm -qad [package name]

4: Flush the firewall of all rules

A.   #iptables -F

B.   # ls -l /usr/share/doc | grep httpd

C.   System-config-firewall (Push the enable button and check the appropriate boxes. Check.)

D.   # star -xattr -H=exustar -c -f=home.star /home/

5: Send all debug level messages to /var/log/debug.log

A.   /etc/sysconfig/vncservers rpm -ql tigervnc-server

B.   #virsh destroy domain-id

C.   Nautilus

D.   *.debug /var/log/debug.log service rsyslog restart

6: Set process priority with renice - -20 highest - 20 lowest - 0 is default

A.   # renice -10 proc-id

B.   Rhn_register

C.   Nautilus

D.   Ssh-keygen

A.   /etc/services

B.   Rpm -qp pkg.rpm

C.   /var/www/html/

D.   /var/log/cron

8: Restart the ntpd service

A.   Ln -s /pub /var/www/html/pub

B.   Service ntpd restart

C.   $ tar xzvf home.tar.gz /home

D.   IPtables forward chain

9: FTP package used in RHEL 6

A.   Vsftpd

B.   # grep -i

C.   Nautilus

D.   /etc/services

10: Should be done with yum and install as opposed to update if done with RPM option "i" should be used and not "u"

A.   Updating the kernel

B.   Rpm -qp pkg.rpm

C.   Vncviewer -via student@server6 localhost:2

D.   Rhn_register

11: Disks available for partitions

A.   Ip masqu

B.   #uname -r

C.   Insert as opposed to append

D.   /dev

12: Search for a package with firefox in the description

A.   Rpm --import [public key location]

B.   Logwatch

C.   /etc/services

D.   Yum search firefox

13: Get information about a package named firefox4

A.   # grep -i

B.   Yum info firefox4

C.   Vsftpd

D.   # vi /etc/inittab change - id:3:initdefault:

14: Install star

A.   #iptables -F

B.   Rsync /home root@server6.example.com:/tmp

C.   # yum

D.   Vsftpd

15: GUI File Manager

A.   /dev

B.   /var/www/html/

C.   Insert as opposed to append

D.   Nautilus

16: Remote file copy /home/test1.html to the /var/pub directory on server6 while preserving metadata

A.   Tar xvzf /tmp/etc.tar.gz /etc

B.   Rsync -a /home/test1.html root@server6.example.com:/var/pub

C.   Tar cxtv

D.   Logwatch

17: Location of repo's

A.   GUI menu system/administratrion/firewall

B.   Add/remove software GUI

C.   /etc/yum.repos.d/

D.   /etc/ssh/sshd_config

18: List VMs

A.   #rpm -qac [package name]

B.   #iptables -F

C.   /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf rpm -ql vsftpd

D.   #virsh list

19: Install with RPM

A.   /var/www/html/

B.   #iptables -L

C.   #rpm -ivh [package name]

D.   MailTo=student@server6.example.com

20: Display packages that match the pathname

A.   Yum provides

B.   # virsh create /etc/libvert/qemu/vm_file_name.xml

C.   Cat >> some_file << _EOF

D.   #yum groupremove

21: Install the VNC server package

A.   Yum install tigervnc-server

B.   #virsh list

C.   Service vncserver restart chkconfig vncserver on

D.   Yum search firefox

22: Set a VNC password

A.   /var/log/messages

B.   Tar czvf /tmp/etc.tar.gz /etc

C.   Lftp student@server6 httpd configuration /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf rpm -ql httpd

D.   Vncpasswd

23: Redirect errors to std out

A.   *.debug /var/log/debug.log service rsyslog restart

B.   .spec

C.   2>&1

D.   /etc/sysconfig/network

24: Install a package named firefox4

A.   Yum install firefox4

B.   #ip addr show

C.   Yum remove firefox4

D.   GUI menu system/administratrion/firewall

25: Install the star compression tool create an archive with the star tool.

A.   #iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 21 -j Accept

B.   Yum provides

C.   Logwatch

D.   # star -xattr -H=exustar -c -f=home.star /home/

26: Show IP address with the IP command

A.   IPtables input chain

B.   Tar fzj

C.   /etc/rsyslog.conf

D.   #ip addr show

27: Import a public key

A.   #uname -r

B.   Yum list

C.   Rpm --import [public key location]

D.   /etc/sysconfig/iptables

28: RPM package naming

A.   Rpm -ql vsftpd

B.   Name-version-release.architecture.rpm

C.   Yum remove firefox4

D.   /var/log/messages

29: Handles dependencies while RPMs do not uses preconfigured repos

A.   System-config-firewall tui

B.   #yum

C.   Rpm -ql vsftpd

D.   #rpm -ivh [package name]

30: Repos for yum

A.   Rsync -PHR /home/test1.html root@server6.example.com:/var/pub

B.   Service vncserver restart chkconfig vncserver on

C.   /etc/services

D.   /etc/yum.repos.d