Press Releases MQQs

Press Releases MQQs

These Press Releasesmultiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Press Releases. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 90+ Press Releases MCQs.
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1: What is the purpose of an SEO press release?

A.   To get likes on Facebook

B.   To get retweets on twitter

C.   To drive online traffic to another location such as a website, registration page or a blog post.

2: What is NOT a standard method of releasing a press release?

A.   Word of mouth

B.   All of these are not standard methods

C.   Print

D.   Radio stations

3: A boilerplate should include what information?

A.   Contact information including website

B.   Key facts about the company

C.   Location of company

D.   All of the above

4: It is a best practice to include which of the following in a press release?

A.   All of these

B.   A quote

C.   An image

D.   A statistic or supporting information

5: What are the 3 core components of a press release?

A.   Headline, website links, twitter feed

B.   Headline, Body, Contact Information

C.   Headline, Facebook page, email address

D.   Headline, sales pitch, call to action

6: In an emailed press release, the subject line should contain:

A.   The name of the press release author.

B.   The subject line should be left blank.

C.   The press release headline.

D.   The words "BREAKING NEWS" in all caps.

7: A press release can be effective when sent to:

A.   Bloggers.

B.   Social networks.

C.   Print and television media.

D.   All of the above.

8: What is the best way to distribute a press release?

A.   Via facsimile

B.   To a highly targeted group of journalists with interest in subject matter.

C.   To all contacts in email list

9: When using quotations in a press release, they should be:

A.   From as many people in the company as you can get on the record.

B.   From the most relevantly authoritative person in the company.

C.   From the head of Marketing.

D.   From the CEO.

10: What is a news embargo?

A.   A penalty for printing bad news about a company.

B.   Refusing to work with a journalist

C.   Access to exclusive information.

D.   A request by a source that the information or news provided by that source not be published until a certain date.

11: A press release headline should:

A.   Engage the reader and encourage them to read further.

B.   Include contact information.

C.   Include all the information a reporter needs to write the story.

D.   Use the longest words of the article.

12: Colored text is appropriate in a press release if:

A.   Colored text is never appropriate in a press release.

B.   The colors used are red or blue.

C.   The colors used are only red.

D.   The colors used are primary colors.

13: What does ' ### ' mean?

A.   Not relevant to press releases

B.   Signal the end of the press release

C.   Signal the beginning of the press release

D.   To indicate a statement that hasn't been backed up

14: Which of these are common reasons press releases fail in social media?

A.   They have the wrong singular focus, which is on the company issuing the release

B.   They don’t have a specific audience in mind, and are written broadly and presented blandly

C.   They are full of marketing-speak that fosters mistrust in the eyes of the audience

D.   All of these

15: What is a common mistake when submitting a press release?

A.   Submitting material with a release date too far in advance

B.   Making your press release too long

C.   Not including your phone number

D.   All of these

16: What might be included in a social media news release?

A.   A favorite Pinterest pin

B.   A plea to like the post on Facebook.

C.   "Please retweet this"

D.   Images, audio and video as well as links to relevant websites and coverage of resulting online conversations.

17: How to deliver bad news in a press release?

A.   Simply stating the facts without embellishment.

B.   Blame other people for what happened.

C.   Cover up the really bad news.

D.   Make everything sound really good.

18: How do you measure the effectiveness of a press release?

A.   By having it written by a really famous author.

B.   How many of your friends like your Facebook page.

C.   By how many words it has.

D.   Reads Click-through Conversions Online pickups Press coverage

19: What contact information should you include in a press release?

A.   website, phone number

B.   Contact name, twitter handle, home address

C.   Google maps, email address, fax number.

D.   Contact name, email address and telephone number

20: What is the main purpose of a press release?

A.   To announce something noteworthy

B.   To network with other people

C.   To let people know who you are

D.   To make money

21: What are the five (5) W's of a press release?

A.   Who, When, Why, How, Whatever

B.   Who, What, When, Where, Why

C.   Which, Where, Why Now, What Next, How

22: Why should you include a quote in a press release?

A.   You can make them rhyme and people will remember.

B.   They give authority, credibility, and make it easier to read.

C.   They make the release look cool.

A.   Links that give you a higher Klout score

B.   Links to specific pages in your website, rather than just linking to the homepage.

C.   Links to outer space

D.   Links to past issues of a magazine you want to be in

24: You should write the press release as:

A.   Prediction

B.   News

C.   Historic event

D.   Stories

25: When writing a press release, what is a hook?

A.   Something you use to catch fish.

B.   A question that confuses the readers.

C.   The opening of a story that "hooks" the reader's attention so that he or she will keep on reading.

D.   The call to action to get more sales

26: A press release's "angle" is defined as:

A.   A way of looking at your information that reporters and readers may find interesting.

B.   A second release which has information to correct an earlier release.

C.   The cost of running a press release.

D.   A charitable organization that supports your press release.

27: Which of the following is NOT one of the "5 Ws"?

A.   Where.

B.   Who.

C.   Wire.

D.   Why.

28: What does ### signal in a press release?

A.   The beginning of the press release

B.   The end of the press release

29: What is a wire service?

A.   A service for taxi cabs.

B.   A secret spy organization

C.   A way to listen in on other peoples conversation.

D.   A news agency that supplies syndicated news by wire to newspapers, radio, and television stations.

30: What are crisis communications?

A.   Sharing your personal problems in a blog

B.   Delivering facts and information after an emergency has occurred.

C.   Criticizing your competitors.

31: What are 3 types of press releases?

A.   Traffic report, earnings report, weather report

B.   Terror alert, gardening tips,

C.   Weather warning, travel advisory, party invitation.

D.   General News Release, Launch Release, & Event Release

32: What is the goal of media relations?

A.   To maximize positive coverage in the mass media without paying for it directly through advertising.

B.   To make friends with journalists.

C.   To get on the cover of lots of magazines.

D.   To make sure the press never writes bad stories about you.

33: What is a crisis in public relations terms?

A.   When you have a nervous breakdown.

B.   Any event that draws intense, negative media coverage and interferes with normal business activity

C.   When there is a crime committed.

D.   When really bad things happen to good people.

34: What should the audience know in the first paragraph?

A.   Expenses

B.   Company details

C.   Who, What, When, Where, Why

D.   Quotes

35: How many pages long should a press release be?

A.   5

B.   1

C.   3

D.   4

36: Before sending a press release to a new media outlet, you must always:

A.   Buy a subscription to their publication.

B.   Buy advertising in their publication.

C.   Examine the media outlet's material to be sure your press release is relevant.

D.   Send a note to the outlet letting them know a press release is coming their way.

37: A paragraph near the end of a corporate press release with more general information about a company is important because:

A.   Company information might provide better context for a reporter.

B.   The information might be referred to in a future story unrelated to your press release.

C.   The media outlet might not be familiar with the company.

D.   (All of these choices are correct)

38: Press releases are most commonly written in "AP style." "AP" here stands for:

A.   Associated Press.

B.   Advanced Placement.

C.   Accounts Payable.

D.   Advanced Publication.

39: A media outlet's editorial calendar tells you:

A.   How many days it takes to create and print a magazine.

B.   When upcoming editions might be focusing on particular topics.

C.   Important holidays within the industry.

D.   How many pages each upcoming edition will be.

40: What is a "VNR"?

A.   Video news release

B.   Video note release

C.   Voice news release

D.   Voice note release

41: What is an "EPK"?

A.   Entertainment Promotions Kit

B.   Entertainment Press Kit

C.   Electronic Promotions Kit

D.   Electronic Press Kit

42: What is an example of a Media Alert?

A.   A deadline for reporters to send in their articles.

B.   An event, such as a press conference.

C.   A warning about the weather.

43: What's an example of "burying the lead"?

A.   Saving the most compelling part of the announcement for later in the release

B.   Saving the spokesperson quote until midway or later in the release

44: Pre-packaged promotional material is often called a:

A.   Promo Package

B.   Wok Box

C.   Media kit or Press Kit

D.   Merch

45: What is "###"?

A.   The page counter

B.   A signal of the end of the press release

C.   A signal of the edition of the press release

D.   The number of paragraphs used in the press release

46: True or False? You do not need to request permission for quotes and contact details.

A.   False

B.   True

47: What is the fastest way to disseminate information during times of crisis?

A.   By advertising on television.

B.   By calling people.

C.   By texting.

D.   Through a well-written press release

48: Adding search engine optimization keywords to your news release will:

A.   Make your press release more appropriate for online news sources.

B.   Increase the likelihood of your release being found on search engines.

C.   Make your press release sound more official.

D.   Increase the likelihood of your release being printed by newspapers.

49: Abbreviations in press releases should be spelled out:

A.   The first time they are used.

B.   Only if they are obscure.

C.   Every time they are used.

D.   Only if they are difficult to spell.

50: A well-written press release forms the basis for:

A.   A news story.

B.   A special advertising section.

C.   A TV or web commercial.

D.   An editorial or commentary.