Public Community Relations MCQs

Public Community Relations MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Public Community Relations MCQ MCQs. We encourage you to test your Public Community Relations MCQ knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: ______ can be extremely valuable in helping to rebuild trust.

A.   Community relations

B.   Advertising

C.   Public relations

D.   Marketing

2: Research for the “Lights in the Night” campaign revealed ______.

A.   Only two ArtPrize competitions since 2009 involved performance art

B.   Damaged reputation

C.   Most ArtPrize competitions involved performance art

D.   Most ArtPrize competitions involved sculpture

3: The ultimate goal of the Lights in the Night client was not to win the competition, but rather ______.

A.   To come in second or third place

B.   Raise awareness about the client

C.   To safely and successfully provide the public with a once-in-a-lifetime experience

D.   Gain credibility for the client

4: 8ThirtyFour grew a Facebook (FB) page organically through ______.

A.   Tagging, following, and jumping on relevant media conversations

B.   Paying for Facebook ads

C.   Links from its website

D.   Tweets

5: Twitter was used more for ______ during the Lights in the Night: Lanterns Make Community Connections campaign.

A.   Listening

B.   Transmission of messages

C.   Countering negative perceptions

D.   Raising awareness

6: ______ research showed that SVA at Belmont University was not well known throughout Nashville.

A.   Secondary

B.   Primary

C.   Action

D.   Evaluation

7: ______ research clarified the campaign opportunity for the SVA at Belmont University and helped identify the key campaign stakeholders.

A.   Secondary

B.   Primary

C.   Action

D.   Evaluation

8: The goal of Belmont University’s Student Veterans of America (SVA) campaign was to ______.

A.   Neutralize negative perceptions of the SVA

B.   Raise participation of members in the SVA

C.   Raise awareness of SVA and its role in student veteran success

D.   Maintain the positive reputation of the SVA

9: SVA’s mission and values were shared via red, white, and blue support ribbons attached to information cards during the ______ phase of campaign implementation.

A.   Research

B.   Evaluation

C.   Action

D.   Communication

10: In addition to the support ribbons, RWB successfully ______.

A.   Launched a student veteran Week of Honor February 21–27 across the state of Tennessee

B.   Increased attendance at SVA meetings

C.   Increased donations to SVA

D.   Launched a website for SVA

11: The Cleveland Foundation developed a campaign to ______.

A.   Raise funds

B.   Build awareness of its programs both locally and nationally

C.   Celebrate its 100-year history and the birth of the community foundation field

D.   Encourage participation in its programs

12: Research for the Cleveland Foundation included ______.

A.   Web analytics

B.   Field observation

C.   Surveys

D.   Focus groups and interviews

13: The research for the Cleveland Foundation revealed ______.

A.   Many were unfamiliar with its role supporting key community assets and institutions

B.   Many knew about the foundation, but had neutral attitudes toward it

C.   Many knew about the foundation, but had negative attitudes toward it

D.   A similar campaign had been conducted every year for the past 5 years

14: The overarching goals of the Cleveland Foundation’s centennial campaign were to ______.

A.   Maintain the positive reputation the foundation already enjoyed

B.   Increase awareness of the foundation’s history of impact and current leadership

C.   Increase donations to the foundation and its programs

D.   To encourage business development

15: The foundation’s cross-disciplinary centennial team developed the concept of giving a gift to the community each month during the foundation’s 100th year during the ______ phase of campaign development.

A.   Research

B.   Action

C.   Communication

D.   Evaluation

16: As a result of __________, the death penalty statutes in 39 states were invalidated.

A.   Furman v. Georgia (1972)

B.   Gregg v. Georgia (1976)

C.   Coker v

D.   None of this