Answer these 100+ SAP ABAP MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of SAP ABAP.
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1: What does SAP ABAP mean?

A.   Advanced Business Application Programming

B.   Advanced Business Application Procedure

C.   Advanced Best Applications Programs

D.   Applications for Business And Programs

2: Which is not a type of ABAP procedure?

A.   Method

B.   Interface

C.   Subroutine

D.   Function Module

3: Identify the attribute that is not a prerequsiste for compatible data objects:

A.   Field Length

B.   Decimal Places

C.   Type

D.   Name

4: Which statement is used to perform an unconditional loop?



C.   DO


5: Which is the maximum number of structures that can be included in a table or structure?

A.   6

B.   4

C.   9

D.   3

6: True or False? Classes in ABAP Objects may not be defined globally.

A.   False

B.   True

7: The T code to display Functional Modules


B.   SE37

C.   SE80

D.   SE18

E.   SE38

8: Which ABAP Dictionary has the same number of fields as database table and maps 1:1 to database table?

A.   Pooled

B.   Transparent

C.   Transport

D.   Cluster

A.   SE11

B.   CL01

C.   CT04

D.   SE18


10: Which statement is used to loop through internal tables and extract datasets?

A.   DO

B.   FOR



11: SAP NetWeaver Application Server enables creation of web applications using which technology?

A.   PHP

B.   Java

C.   Web Dynpro

D.   BSP

12: Which is NOT a valid comparison operator?

A.   EQ

B.   ==

C.   =

D.   <

13: If a table does not have MANDT as part of the primary key, it is:

A.   Invalid

B.   Non Mandatory

C.   Structure

D.   Client Independent

14: Which are used to move development objects from the development system to production system?

A.   Transports

B.   Modules

C.   Programs

D.   Packages

15: Which code is used to copy a SAP User?

A.   SM01

B.   SU01

C.   SM35

D.   SP01

16: Entering /h in the transaction field set debugging switch

A.   False

B.   True

17: Which tables exist in data dictionary?

A.   Transparent Table

B.   All of them

C.   Pool Tables

D.   Cluster Tables

18: Which is NOT a predefined data type?

A.   C

B.   D

C.   W

D.   I

19: A reference table and reference field are provided for which type of fields?

A.   Currency and Quantity

B.   Quantity

C.   Currency

D.   Decimal

20: True or False? Customer-specific package names must begin with Y or Z.

A.   False

B.   True

21: Messages are stored in table _______.

A.   T101


C.   1001

D.   T100

22: The Object Navigator is the central access point to the ABAP Workbench and can be accessed through transaction:

A.   SE11

B.   SE80

C.   SE38

D.   SU01

23: True or False? Function modules must belong to a function group.

A.   False

B.   True

24: True or False? An ABAP object must be activated before it is available to end users.

A.   True

B.   False

25: True or False? Functions may accept import and export parameters.

A.   True

B.   False

26: What does MM module stands for?

A.   Material Management

B.   Modular Measurement

C.   Module Management

D.   Master Mind

27: Which is an event in SAP ABAP language?

A.   Change Control

B.   Initialization

C.   Variant

D.   Description

28: True or False? Exceptions triggered within a function may be handled by the system or the calling program.

A.   False

B.   True

29: Which is the system field for the current date?





30: The SAP service that ensures data integrity by handling locking is called:

A.   Authorization

B.   Update

C.   Enqueue/Dequeue

D.   Spool

31: True or False? ABAP statements always conclude with a semicolon.

A.   True

B.   False

32: What is the prerequisite for a function module to be tested?

A.   Released

B.   Copy

C.   Active

D.   Connected

33: Which of the following is not an attribute for creating an ABAP program?

A.   Title

B.   Status

C.   Identification number

D.   Application

34: Which is the central tool for managing changes made in the IMG or ABAP Workbench?

A.   Authorization Objects

B.   Change Control Object

C.   Change and Transport System

D.   Change Control System

35: True or False? A transaction code cannot be created for table maintenance.

A.   False

B.   True

36: True or False? BSP Applications can be stateful or stateless.

A.   False

B.   True

37: For which of the following purpose can cookies be used?

A.   Store non-public IP address

B.   Allow Hackers access

C.   To maintain session IDs

D.   Expose private data

38: Which transaction is used to view Lock Table?

A.   SE11

B.   SE93

C.   SM11

D.   SM12

39: Which allows data to be taken from a fixed structure and stored in working memory in ABAP?

A.   class

B.   object

C.   internal table

D.   structure

40: True or False? SAP allows conditional branching only with the IF - ENDIF control structure.

A.   False

B.   True

41: Which of the following is NOT a component of the default standard ABAP report header?

A.   Date and Time

B.   Underline

C.   Page Number

D.   List Title

42: From which of this source can the Software not process input directly?

A.   User Input from GUI

B.   Database

C.   Configuration File

D.   Powerpoint

43: How are the statistics and trace data of remote ABAP systems accessed?

A.   Application Log

B.   Remote Function Call

C.   Distributed Statistics Record


44: True or False? Only the public and protected components of the superclass exist in the subclass.

A.   False

B.   True

45: Which is not true of BAPIs?

A.   BAPIs can only be called from external systems.

B.   BAPIs are stored in the Busineess Object Repository.

C.   BAPIs show an object-oriented view of R/3 business functions.

D.   BAPIs are defined as API methods of SAP business object types.

46: True or False? Exceptions can only be raised implicitly in ABAP.

A.   False

B.   True

47: Which keyword is used to remove all blanks from a string?

A.   Condense <string>

B.   Condense <string> no-spaces

C.   Concat <string>

D.   Condense <string> no-gaps

48: What is the basic object of data dictionary?

A.   Domains

B.   Documentation

C.   Tables

D.   Buffers

49: Which are an enhancement introduced in Release 4.6 and replaced function module exits?

A.   BADIs

B.   BAPIs

C.   Objects

D.   Enhancement spots

50: Which of these are not predefined elementary ABAP types with fixed length?

A.   Alphabetical Types

B.   Character Types

C.   Hexadecimal types

D.   Numeric types