Business Research MCQs

Business Research MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Business Research MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Business Research by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: Survey research is the approach best suited for gathering __________.

A.   Causal research

B.   Ethnographic research

C.   Descriptive research

D.   Exploratory research

E.   Experimental research

2: A(n) __________ is a small group of people brought together for an intensive discussion of a topic.

A.   Focus group

B.   Social media site

C.   Experiment

D.   Data mining session

E.   In-depth interview

3: An example of secondary research is __________.

A.   Collecting the data

B.   Preparing the research report

C.   Customer feedback

D.   Projective techniques

4: Defining the research problem is the step of the market research process that involves __________.

A.   A sample in which each member of the population has some known chance of being included

B.   First

C.   Specifying the research objectives and identifying the consumer population of interest

D.   Defining the research problem

5: Causal research is most useful in _____.

A.   Understanding which variables lead to the dependent variable

B.   Generating insights that help in defining the problem situation

C.   Understanding consumer motivations and behavior that are not easy to access using other research methods

D.   Using historical data that has been previously collected for some research situation other than the current situation

6: Competitive marketing intelligence uses _________ data sources.

A.   Publicly available

B.   Private

C.   Expensive

D.   Internal

E.   Competitor's internal

7: Information collected from online databases on the internet is an example of ________ data.

A.   Primary

B.   Secondary

C.   Observational

D.   Experimental

E.   Ethnographic

8: It is important to __________ every fact, idea, and argument that you find during research.

A.   Support

B.   List

C.   Revise

D.   Verify

9: A survey is considered to be ___________ if it measures what it is supposed to measure.

A.   Fair use

B.   Valid

C.   Reliable

D.   Correlation

10: A television rating is _____.

A.   The percentage of all TV households watching a show

B.   It put a freeze on issuing new television licenses.

C.   Comic situations and grim plots

D.   Watching a recent television episode on your computer

11: All of the following are important to people's job satisfaction except _____.

A.   Income compared to others in their profession

B.   Their own salary compared to a year ago

C.   Income compared to others in their neighborhood

D.   Absolute income