Corporate Communications Test MCQs

Corporate Communications Test MCQs

These Corporate Communications Test multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Corporate Communications Test. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 70+ Corporate Communications Test MCQs.
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1: If your boss tells you, "I need those documents ASAP." He is expecting the documents:

A.   Next week

B.   Monday

C.   As soon as possible

D.   As soon as provided

2: Mark will need to ____ Jenny that he understands the project before moving on.

A.   insure

B.   ensure

C.   assure

3: Odwalla's acknowledgement of an E. coli outbreak and subsequent development of effective pasteurization within a short time demonstrates what?

A.   Successful crisis management.

B.   Crisis acceptance.

C.   Crisis aversion.

D.   Unsuccessful crisis management.

4: A corporation engaging in activities to directly influence legislation is engaging in what activity?

A.   Direct lobbying.

B.   Campaigning.

C.   Indirect lobbying.

D.   Advertising

5: My company performs well in ____ financial reports.

A.   its

B.   it's

C.   it

6: Which of these is a proper email subject line?

A.   This Week's Updated Schedule

B.   Update

C.   Schedule

D.   Schedule Updates

7: Which of the following could be deemed a lapse in corporate communication objectives?

A.   Companies aiding the victims of a tragedy.

B.   Companies halting business during a tragedy.

C.   Companies lending financial aide to those in a tragedy.

D.   Gap's CEO encouraging the victims of Hurricane Sandy to shop to keep commerce strong during a tragedy.

8: Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

A.   We had fewer customers than we anticipated.

B.   Your meeting is in ten minutes.

C.   We will need alot of time to get this project done.

D.   You're in charge of the presentation next week.

9: A social media campaign focusing on selling to businesses is considered what type of business relationship?

A.   A shrewd business relationship.

B.   Business-to-business.

C.   It's not a business relationship.

D.   Business-to-consumer.

10: Fill in the blanks: My company had great financial reports last quarter. _______ continuing to do well this quarter.

A.   Its

B.   None of these

C.   It

D.   It's

11: Which of the following uses incorrect capitalization?

A.   I am fluent in Spanish and French.

B.   I will see you next Tuesday.

C.   I am excited for this Winter to end.

D.   He will compete in the upcoming Winter Olympics.

12: What is an IPO?

A.   Interested Party Objective

B.   Interested Party Offering

C.   Initial Public Offering

D.   Initial Private Organization

13: If you are in the BCC line of an email, you should never _________.

A.   read the email

B.   hit "reply all"

C.   email the original sender

14: What time frame does Q2 reference?

A.   April, May, June

B.   December, January, February

C.   July, August, September

D.   January, February, March

15: What would it most likely mean if someone asked, "Please prepare a deck for the pitch next week."?

A.   Please build a deck for my presentation next week.

B.   Please prepare a Powerpoint presentation for the pitch next week.

C.   Please project a worst-case P&L for next week.

D.   Please run some sensitivities on our cash flows next week.

16: What groups are deemed corporate stakeholders?

A.   Individuals and groups whose support governs the existence of the corporation.

B.   Those intending to buy stock.

C.   Those who recently sold their stock.

D.   People reading about a company.

17: When responding to a negative issue or complaint, via email or verbally, how should you approach it?

A.   Offer compensation or a refund to get them off your back.

B.   Defend each negative point to it's fullest.

C.   Apologize but explain that your hands are tied, and their is nothing you can do.

D.   Take a message and pass it on to your manager.

E.   Focus on the positive or the resolution, not the negative or the problem.

18: Which of the following is NOT included in a memo header?

A.   To

B.   From

C.   Subject

D.   Summary

19: One of the largest social media companies responsible for connecting business to consumers is what?





20: What is the ultimate goal in Corporate Communications?

A.   To keep all communications secret.

B.   Excellent coordination of internal and external communications, resulting in a positive point of view from stakeholders.

C.   To develop a sense of corporate unity.

D.   To influence the corporate culture in a positive way.

21: Effective corporate communication ___________.

A.   clearly defines corporate branding

B.   clearly informs stakeholders

C.   properly delegates tasks

D.   all of these

22: “Follow up with Susan via phone if she does not return your email by 2 pm tomorrow.” As used in this sentence, what does ‘follow up’ mean?

A.   Wait to hear from Susan

B.   Reply to Susan's email about the project

C.   Contact Susan regarding the project

D.   Send Susan all the documents for the project

23: When adding a signature to a letter or e-mail, the order (top to bottom) should be ______.

A.   Name; Position; Company; Address

B.   Position; Company; Name; Address

C.   Company; Address; Name; Position

D.   Name; Address; Position; Company

24: If your boss wants something by COB, this means _________.

A.   Close of business day

B.   Copy or back-link

C.   Copy of book

25: Are you bringing a gift to _______ party?

A.   Charlies'

B.   Charlies

C.   Charlie

D.   Charlie's

26: Can you forward each of ________ documents to me?

A.   your's

B.   her's

C.   you're

D.   your

27: You should not disclose your position in your email signature.

A.   False


28: Memo stands for __________

A.   Meet Me Outside

B.   Memorize

C.   Memorandum

D.   None of these

29: FYI stands for:

A.   For Your Interest

B.   For Your Information

C.   File Your Invoice

D.   Financial Yearly Inflow

30: What does it mean when someone asks for something by EOD?

A.   End of data

B.   End of discussion

C.   Evening or day

D.   End of day

31: What does ROI stand for?

A.   Round Of Issue

B.   Return On Invoice

C.   Return On Investment

D.   Returning Overall Interest

32: Which of the following could be considered a poor effect on organizational behavior?

A.   Passive aggressive behavior due to poor communication.

B.   Corporate leadership.

C.   Employee loyalty.

D.   Employee adherence to policies

33: There are ______ of new employees this year.

A.   allot

B.   a lot

C.   a lott

D.   alot

34: Investor relations are an aspect of corporate communication.

A.   True


35: What is one positive effect good corporate communication has on organizational behavior?

A.   Employee violation of policies

B.   Strong corporate leadership

C.   Lack of central corporate goal

D.   Investors selling their stock

36: Which of these is unprofessional in your email signature

A.   A famous quote

B.   Position

C.   Full name

D.   Cell phone number

37: If a co-worker did something incorrect / erroneous, what is the best way to initially handle it?

A.   Write a polite email to your co-worker, letting them know the issue at hand and how it can be done correctly in the future, offering to help.

B.   Ignore it, not your problem.

C.   Tell your co-worker they are idiots.

D.   Fix it for them and just ignore it, surely it was a mistake.

E.   Report it to their supervisor.

38: The acronym DOB means

A.   Dean of Boards

B.   Date of Birth

C.   Dean of Boards and Date of Bureau

D.   Date of Bureau

39: Why is corporate branding an important part of corporate communication?

A.   It helps avoid confusion between managers and employees

B.   It assures that everyone understands the way the company should be perceived

C.   It makes it easy to format emails

D.   It causes employees to better understand the customers

40: Branding is part of corporate communication.

A.   True


41: These _____ documents are _____ vague.

A.   to, too

B.   to, two

C.   two, too

D.   two, to

42: Paul should ______ sent you an email.

A.   have

B.   soon

C.   a

D.   of

43: What does "Please CC me on that" mean?

A.   Please copy me on that email.

B.   Please Closed Call me on that.

C.   Please Cost Control me on that.

D.   Please print me a copy of that.

44: Appearance and body language are important aspects of communication.


B.   True

45: I never received __________ messages.

A.   there

B.   each

C.   their

D.   they're

46: Corporate communication deals with _________.

A.   external company communication

B.   all of these

C.   internal company communication

D.   communicating with stakeholders

47: All of the clients made the conference, _______ Jeffrey. He could not ________ the invitation.

A.   except; except

B.   accept; except

C.   accept; accept

D.   except; accept

48: Why is ethics in communication crucial to a companies success?

A.   Ethics is not important in communication, only in action.

B.   Ethics has no bearing on corporate communication.

C.   Ethical communication only hurts a companies success.

D.   Ethical communication instills transparency and proper judgment.

49: I didn't realize Patrick used to live _______.

A.   their

B.   there

C.   they're

50: What is a benefit of global communication?

A.   Global communication is not beneficial due to cross-cultural communication issues.

B.   The advantage of global communication is that a company can recruit from across the world.

C.   Global communication allows companies to work together to solve complex problems.

D.   Global communication has no benefits and reduces a companies competitive advantage.