Criminal Investigation MCQs

Criminal Investigation MCQs

The following Criminal Investigation MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Criminal Investigation. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: Approximately _____ % (percent) of an investigators job is consumed by writing and paperwork.

A.   20

B.   30

C.   50

D.   70

2: Call of duty: black ops requires a large investment. as such, it is categorized as a ________ game.

A.   Core

B.   Casual

C.   Easy

D.   Immediately gratifying

E.   Quick

3: Robbers are just as likely to ________ from a robbery scene as they are to ________.

A.   Dye packs

B.   Cell phones

C.   Walk; run

D.   The money

4: Female serial killers were most likely to be _____ in their mobility.

A.   Traveling

B.   Local

C.   Place-specific

D.   Regional

5: What is the primary goal of a criminal investigation?

A.   To apprehend suspects and make arrests

B.   To gather evidence and solve a crime

C.   To punish individuals involved in criminal activities

D.   To conduct undercover operations

6: What is the process of documenting and collecting physical evidence at a crime scene called?

A.   Arrest

B.   Interrogation

C.   Chain of custody

D.   Crime scene processing

7: What is the purpose of conducting witness interviews during a criminal investigation?

A.   To pressure witnesses into giving false statements

B.   To gather information and testimonies to assist in solving the case

C.   To extract confessions from potential suspects

D.   To intimidate witnesses and discourage them from providing information

A.   Circumstantial evidence

B.   Hearsay evidence

C.   Direct evidence

D.   Documentary evidence

9: What is the process of comparing known samples of evidence to unknown samples found at a crime scene?

A.   Interrogation

B.   Chain of custody

C.   Forensic analysis

D.   Crime scene processing

10: What is the role of forensic experts in a criminal investigation?

A.   To oversee witness interviews

B.   To conduct surveillance operations

C.   To analyze physical evidence and provide expert testimony

D.   To interrogate suspects

11: What does the term "cold case" refer to in criminal investigations?

A.   A case that involves dangerous criminals

B.   A case with no physical evidence

C.   An unsolved case that remains open for an extended period

D.   A case involving multiple suspects

12: Which law enforcement agency is responsible for conducting federal criminal investigations in the United States?

A.   Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

B.   Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

C.   Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

D.   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)

13: What is the process of reenacting a crime to better understand the sequence of events called?

A.   Interrogation

B.   Crime scene processing

C.   Crime scene reconstruction

D.   Chain of custody

14: What is the primary purpose of preserving the chain of custody in a criminal investigation?

A.   To ensure the safety of witnesses

B.   To prevent tampering or contamination of evidence

C.   To expedite the investigation process

D.   To protect the identity of suspects