Google Adwords MCQs

Google Adwords MCQs

Try to answer these 400+ Google Adwords MCQs and check your understanding of the Google Adwords subject.
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1: Can you use the same keywords in different ad groups?

A.   Yes, except for the fist week of your campaign

B.   No, never

C.   No, except for phrases

D.   Yes, always

2: What is the Adwords Quality Score used for?

A.   Measuring how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and the user's query

B.   All of these

C.   Determining if you are allowed to place ads up to 1,000 in number to become a super user

D.   Determining how well written and designed your ad is

3: Which of the following is true of inline editing in Google AdWords?

A.   It is limited to keyword grouping and CPC changes

B.   When a keyword, placement or ad is edited, its statistics reset to zero

C.   Inline editing resets bids and destination URLs

D.   It allows you to edit the text of your ads right in the SERP

4: When can an ad use superlatives, like "best" or "#1"?

A.   When the ad pulls a word-for-word quote from customer testimonials

B.   If the claim can be verified by a third-party site.

C.   Never

D.   If the company is currently making more profit than anyone else in its product market

E.   Always - It just costs slightly more

5: Which is the mathematical calculation for Conversation rate?

A.   (conversion * clicks) / 100

B.   (conversion / clicks) * 100

C.   (conversion / 100) * clicks

D.   (clicks / conversion) * 100

6: If you have ads for two campaigns that share a keyword, and a search user types in the keyword, how many ads of yours will they see?

A.   None. Google disallows advertising on two websites with the same keywords.

B.   Two. Google will allow an ad from each active campaign.

C.   At most one; the keyword with the highest Ad rank will win.

D.   At least one; Google will randomly pick one of the ads that could be triggered from each campaign.

E.   At most one. Google will pick the highest CTR ad, unless you have turned on equal rotation.

7: How is CTR calculated?

A.   Clicks/costs

B.   Clicks/Ad impressions

C.   Ad Impressions/Clicks

D.   Ad Impressions/costs

8: What is the membership duration of a remarketing campaign?

A.   The length of time you are running the remarketing campaign

B.   1,000 days, unless you petition Adwords for a longer length of time

C.   The length of time between individual visits to your site from one unique user

D.   How long a user's cookie stays on the membership list if the user doesn't visit your site again

9: Does the order of modified broad match keywords matter? That is, is "+red +shoes" the same as "+shoes +red"?

A.   If both are present then the search query "buy red shoes" will match "+red +shoes", and not "+shoes +red".

B.   Only the first keyword should be marked with the plus sign ("+red shoes" or "+shoes red"), so the question is incorrect.

C.   The least important keyword should be listed first.

D.   No, the order doesn't matter.

E.   The most important keyword should be listed first

10: What is the maximum number of AdWords ads that could show on the first page of desktop search results?

A.   11

B.   2

C.   4

D.   3

11: To save wasted clicks, ad texts should include:

A.   store locations

B.   competitor pricing

C.   prices and promotions

D.   similar products

12: True or false? Prices stated in your Ad test must always be supported within 1-2 clicks of your landing page.

A.   True

B.   False

13: What requirement must your campaign meet in order to use the Conversion Optimizer?

A.   The account must be linked to a Google Analytics account.

B.   The campaign must have received at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days.

C.   The campaign must be set for CPM bidding.

D.   The campaign must have received at least 30 conversions in the last 15 days.

14: When using broad match, how can you see which search term variations have triggered your ad?

A.   Using the Display Network tool

B.   You cannot see until the ads are served

C.   Run a Search Query Report

D.   Run a Variable Match Report

15: How does the Automatic Payment billing method work?

A.   You are billed each day in real time for your account activity

B.   Automatic payment does not reflect a payment billing method - it is a keyword bidding method

C.   You are pre-billed in increments of $25 before any account activity

D.   You are billed after you accrue the costs of your account activity

16: True or False: Ad extensions at the ad-group level will override the extension of the campaign level.

A.   True

B.   False

17: If you have set a keyword specific bid but want to revert back to the default adgroup bid, how do you accomplish this?

A.   You cannot revert to the default bid

B.   Delete and re-add the keyword

C.   Delete the bid amount from the Max CPC field and click save

D.   Via the +Add keywords feature

18: What is it called when a company's ads are matches to relevant webpages?

A.   Matchmaking

B.   Google AdMatch

C.   Ad matching

D.   Contextual targeting

19: What is a bidding option?

A.   All of these

B.   A way to let your customers make bids on an online auction

C.   A way to control the cost of your campaign

D.   A way to let your ads show on iPhones

20: Along with cost per click, what is the other form of bidding used within Adwords?

A.   Bid with Google +1 credits

B.   Pay per conversion (PPC)

C.   All of these

D.   Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

21: Which one of these is not a tab within a campaign tab?

A.   Networks

B.   Keywords

C.   Settings

D.   Format

22: Why are two or three word phrases better than one word keywords?

A.   Adwords will only allow you to bid on a limited amount of one word keywords

B.   One word keywords are always more expensive than multiple word phrases

C.   One word keywords are actually always better performing than multiple word phrases

D.   One word keywords tend to be too generic

23: Which of the following factor does not impact the quality score?

A.   Landing Page experience

B.   CTR

C.   Ad Relevance

D.   CPA

A.   AOL

B.   Google Search

C.   YouTube

D.   Yahoo

E.   Google News

25: If your daily budget is $100 and you have a click bid amount of $.25, what would the maximum number of clicks you could expect to get each day?

A.   500

B.   200

C.   100

D.   400

26: Which of the following can be found in the Tools and Analysis tab?

A.   Account preferences

B.   Keyword tool

C.   Ad groups

D.   Billing summary

27: What does CPM stand for in Google Adwords?

A.   Conversions per thousand clicks

B.   Cost per thousand impressions

C.   Conversions per minute

D.   Cost per minute

28: True of False? Its Compulsory to use exactly same display URL & destination URL in your ads.

A.   True

B.   False

29: What does the field Avg. Pos. refer to?

A.   Average Purchase of Sale, or how much in revenue the average sale on your landing page generates

B.   The average position of your keyword quality score

C.   The average position of where your ad is showing relative to other ads

D.   Average Point of Sale, or how many conversions from your landing page

30: Which is an example of an exact matched keyword?

A.   Buy Laptop

B.   "Buy laptop"

C.   [Buy laptop]

D.   +Buy Laptop

31: What is an automatic bidding?

A.   A way to avoid setting up campaigns

B.   None of these

C.   An option that allows Google to provide as many clicks as possible within your budget

D.   A way to let your customers make bids on an online auction automatically

32: What does MCC stand for?

A.   My Client Conversion.

B.   My Client Center.

C.   My Conversion Center.

D.   My Client Creation.

33: Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Call-To-Action Phrase?

A.   Personalized Service

B.   Best of The Web

C.   Buy Here

D.   Lowest Prices

34: What is an Adwords budget?

A.   The amount in conversion charges that an account can accrue in a specified period

B.   The amount of revenue to your website projected from Adwords ads

C.   The amount in click or impression charges that an account can accrue in a specified time period

D.   An ad feature that allows you to add additional information to your text ad

35: Preceding your keyword with a minus sign, such as tennis shoes -used, will result in which type of keyword?

A.   Variable match

B.   Negative match

C.   Phrase match

D.   Exact match

36: What is the primary benefit of broad matched keywords?

A.   It attracts more traffic.

B.   It makes it easy to create an ad group.

C.   It attracts less competition.

D.   It's easier to organize keywords.

37: How can you avoid showing an ad when users search for free or cheap?

A.   create an exact match for the searched phrase that includes free or cheap

B.   create a match in quotes "" for the searched phrase that includes free or cheap

C.   create a broad match for the searched phrase that includes free or cheap

D.   add "cheap" and "free" as negative keywords

38: What is the purpose of the conversion tracking tool?

A.   None of these

B.   To convert currencies when you review statistics

C.   To see more statistics

D.   To see how clicks convert into sales

39: Each campaign has a _________ budget.

A.   annual

B.   unlimited

C.   daily

D.   weekly

40: Ad texts should be:

A.   short and vague

B.   simple and enticing

C.   long and detailed

D.   tedious and confusing

41: What tab do you use to add or remove additional users to your account?

A.   None of these

B.   Opportunities

C.   My account

D.   Billing

42: What are excluded placements?

A.   Websites not allowed by Google.

B.   Websites or webpages where you don't want to run your ads.

C.   Places on the Internet you are not allowed to visit.

D.   Search queries not allowed on Google.

43: Surrounding your keyword phrase in brackets, such as [tennis shoes] will result in which type of keyword?

A.   Variable match

B.   Exact match

C.   Phrase match

D.   Broad match

44: How can you find your disapproved ads?

A.   The Ad Extension tab

B.   The Linked Accounts tab

C.   Select the disapproved check box under Approval Status

D.   Link your account to your Google Analytics account

45: What are "ideas"?

A.   Adwords provided ideas to potentially improve your ad performance

B.   Reporting guidelines provided by Adwords

C.   None of the above

D.   A group of help articles provided by Analytics superusers

46: What is a cost per click?

A.   All of these

B.   The amount of money you earn when someone purchases from your web site

C.   The amount of money you spend to create your web site divided by the number of paying visitors

D.   The amount of money to pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your web site

47: "Sign Up Now" is an example of a:

A.   indirect offering

B.   customer recommendation

C.   call to action

D.   marketing imperative

48: True or false? It is NOT possible to pause an individual text ad.

A.   True

B.   False

49: How do you create a new campaign?

A.   Use the New Campaign button on the Settings tab

B.   The Networks tab of any campaign

C.   You need a new account for each new campaign

D.   Use the keyword tool to add new keywords to your ad

50: Where can you find your Notification Settings?

A.   My Account

B.   Campaign

C.   Tools and Analysis

D.   Billing