Google Analytics MCQs

Google Analytics MCQs

These Google Analytics multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Google Analytics. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Google Analytics MCQs.
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1: What is SEM

A.   Same Entry Market

B.   Source e-commerce mailings

C.   Search Engine Marketing

D.   Source Entrance Medium

2: How does changing the name of your account affect the Google Analytics code already on your website?

A.   It has no effect

B.   You cannot change the name of your account once it has been chosen

C.   You need to update your current code

D.   You need to generate new code

3: What is bounce rate?

A.   The percentage of exits from a particular page

B.   The percentage of visitors who only visit the page on your site that they landed on before leaving

C.   The percentage of viewers who quickly click through to another page on your site

D.   The page loading speed ratio

4: What is the protocol for running another analytics package on your site in addition to Google Analytics?

A.   Contact Analytics Support

B.   Other analytics packages do not allow this

C.   Install both tracking codes

D.   Google does not allow this

5: What is a pageview?

A.   A browser request to the server

B.   PDF download

C.   A unique visitor's single session

D.   A single page load by a browser

6: Google Analytics will not tell you:

A.   Which website referred them to you

B.   The browser used by blog readers

C.   From what page they left your site

D.   The kind of products they've bought before

E.   What page a visitor came to first

7: Remarketing via Google Analytics segments and metrics requires

A.   AdWords and Analytic accounts linked

B.   the Double Click cookie to be incorporated in the script

C.   All of these answers

D.   audiences setup in the remarketing backend

E.   a your privacy statement on your site

8: What does RPC stand for?

A.   Returning patron clickthrough

B.   Referral provider code

C.   Rate per cost

D.   Revenue per click

9: What is referred to as interactions across different digital media?

A.   web surfing

B.   Multi-Channel Funnels

10: Google Analytics calls key performance indicators "goals" and allows you 20 of them per profile. True or False?

A.   False

B.   True

11: Google Analytics does not track which type of traffic?

A.   None of these

B.   Referral traffic from sites not using Google Analytics

C.   Referrals from social media sites

D.   Search Engine traffic

12: What is a goal in Google Analytics?

A.   A webpage or action that serves as a conversion for your site

B.   A target number of pages to indexed

C.   A target number of keywords to be indexed by the search engines

D.   A function used to change the layout of the reports dashboard

13: Which is NOT a traffic source report option?

A.   Social Compatibility Traffic

B.   Search Engine Traffic

C.   Referral Traffic

D.   Direct Traffic

14: How does Google Analytics define a keyword?

A.   A word searched for using an external search engine, such as Google

B.   A tool used to determine the competition of search terms

C.   A subset of terms used in your website navigation

D.   A word searched for using your internal site search

15: To use the Analytics data export API, you must have:

A.   A Google Analytics account and access to the profile being tracked

B.   A special designation from Google allowing you to use the API

C.   Multiple Google Analytics accounts

D.   A corporate Google Analytics profile

16: How does Google Analytics affect the performance of your website?

A.   It makes load speed faster

B.   It does not affect the performance

C.   It validates the html of your site, improving performance

D.   It makes load speed slower

17: What do Goals track in Google Analytics?

A.   Clickthroughs

B.   Revenue Generated

C.   Conversions

D.   Advertisements Served

18: What tool is used to track web-enabled phones?

A.   Mobile Tracking

B.   GPS

19: What is the most likely reason reports contain no data?

A.   Unauthenticated user

B.   No relevant searches

C.   Tracking code not installed properly

D.   No site visitors

20: What is another name for the entrance page?

A.   home page

B.   the same as the exit page

C.   linked page

D.   landing page

21: What language is the tracking code written in?

A.   Javascript

B.   CSS


D.   Python

22: Can you use Google Analytics and Urchin at the same time?

A.   No

B.   Yes

23: You can measure your conversions with...?

A.   Daily Events

B.   Goals

C.   Unable to measure conversions

D.   Keywords

24: Which report shows the funnel path?

A.   The Top Entrance Pages report

B.   The Goals Report

C.   The Top Exit Pages report

D.   The Funnel Visualization report

25: How do you change the date range in your reports?

A.   Add a new profile

B.   Update your tracking code

C.   Sign in on multiple days

D.   Use the calendar tab

26: How many websites can be tracked by one person or company in Analytics?

A.   Up to 5 million

B.   Up to 1,000

C.   Up to 10

D.   Unlimited

27: Google Analytics...

A.   is a service provided by google to add more visitor

B.   is a tools that measure your number of visitors as well as tracking social networking sites and applications.

C.   is a service by google that provide advertisement only

D.   is a tools that measure your number of visitor based only on visitor's location

E.   is a tools that provide news,current economy statistic and also a number of visitor.

A.   A piece of html that is installed along with Google Analytics tracking code

B.   The main form of currency on Sesame Street.

C.   A small amount of text data given to a web browser by a web server

D.   It validates the html of your site, improving performance

29: What is a Hit?

A.   All of these

B.   A request to a web server for a file

C.   The loading of an html web page

D.   The loading of an image on a web page

30: What sources of traffic constitute as "Direct Traffic" on Google Analytics?

A.   Traffic of which the referrer is unknown

B.   Typing in the URL in the browser

C.   All of these

D.   Accessing from browser bookmarks

31: Referral Traffic Source displays:

A.   The domain names of your competitors.

B.   The domain name of the sites users visited after leaving your website.

C.   The keywords users typed in search engines to find you.

D.   The domain name of the sites that referred traffic to your website.

32: Google Analytics was purchased from Urchin Software Corporation in April 2005 and Google re-branded the product and released it in November 2005 as Google Analytics. True or False?

A.   True

B.   False

33: What does the Funnel Visualization report allow?

A.   Tracking effective search terms

B.   Tracking outbound clicks

C.   Tracking visitors on the path to conversion

D.   Tracking AdWords

34: What is the purpose of the real time tracking feature?

A.   Real time tracking does not work so there is no purpose.

B.   To show instantaneous information on a site

C.   To show future information on a site

35: What is the term for when a visitor reaches a goal?

A.   Lead

B.   Sale

C.   Score

D.   Conversion

36: Where does Google Analytics use JavaScript?

A.   It does not use JavaScript at all

B.   In the tracking code

C.   To generate the PDF reports for emailing

D.   In the IP Masking function

37: CTR is short for?

A.   Click Through Ratio

B.   Check The Reports

C.   Customer Trending Report

D.   Click Through Rate

38: What single page interface gives you an overview on how your properties are performing?

A.   Control Panel

B.   Control Deck

C.   Dashboard

D.   Command Deck

E.   Instrument Board

39: What is the bounce rate?

A.   Percentage of returning visitors

B.   Percentage of visitors tracked

C.   Percentage of page visitors who leave the site

D.   Percentage of Clickthroughs

40: Which page should the tracking code be installed to?

A.   Index Page

B.   Ecommerce Pages

C.   All Pages

D.   Mobile Pages

41: What technology does Google Analytics use to track visitors?

A.   JavaScript

B.   ActionScript


D.   WebKit

42: The keyword tool is used for what purpose?

A.   tells you what a keyword or phrase costs

B.   provides relevant information on keywords or phrases

43: If you build mobile apps, Google Analytics offers Software Development Kits for iOS and Android so you can measure how people use your app. True or False?

A.   True

B.   False

44: Can you integrate a Google Adwords Campaign into Google Analytics?

A.   No

B.   Depends on the campaign type

C.   Yes

45: Google Analytics can be integrated with which other Google service?

A.   Google Adwords

B.   Google Adsense

C.   Google Places

D.   Google News

46: Which is a possible reason your site is not showing data in Analytics reports after installing the tracking code?

A.   Interfering Scripts on your page

B.   Incorrect tracking code

C.   Incorrect filter settings

D.   All of these

47: Can you see what mobile devices viewed your site?

A.   Yes

B.   No

48: What is GDN?

A.   Google Display Network

B.   Google Digital Nodels

49: If your website has a bounce rate of 80% then which of the following is TRUE?

A.   80% of your visitors left your site from the entrance page.

B.   20% of your visitors happily start jumping every time they visit your blog.

C.   80% of your visitors left your site after reading three articles.

D.   80% of your visitors browsed at least five pages.

50: What feature does real time reporting provide?

A.   Number of people on the site, where they came from and what they are viewing

B.   How many people are ready to buy.