Hospitality Knowledge MCQs

Hospitality Knowledge MCQs

These Hospitality Knowledge multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Hospitality Knowledge. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 50 Hospitality Knowledge MCQs.
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1: Which is an appropriate answer to someone who makes a request that you're not sure you can fulfill?

A.   No, I can't do that

B.   Certainly. I'd be happy to do it.

C.   I'm sorry to hear that.

D.   Although I can't guarantee anything, I'll certainly do my best.

2: A customer sits down for lunch and complains that the cutlery isn't clean. In this situation, which response should a restaurant or bar worker use?

A.   The cutlery looks clean to me.

B.   There is no need to overreact.

C.   Please lodge a complaint in the Complaint Register.

D.   I will get you some new cutlery.

3: A hotel worker tells a prospective guest about the lowest room rate at the hotel. The person says that he's surprised there aren't any cheaper rooms. In this situation, which response should a hotel worker use?

A.   That's because this is an upscale hotel.

B.   You're not obligated to stay at our hotel, are you?

C.   Well, we do have some standards.

D.   I'm sorry, but that's the most economical solution we can offer you.

4: An inebriated customer wants to have another round of drinks. In this situation, which of the following responses should a restaurant or bar worker use to politely refuse service?

A.   You're already sloshed to the gills and you want to have more?

B.   I'm sorry, but the bar's policy prevents me from continuing to serve customers in your condition.

C.   No, we don't want to be held responsible for any mishap due to your present condition.

D.   Sorry, but it's time for you to leave.

5: Which of the following greetings is/are appropriate when asking for someone on the phone?

A.   Yo, Mr. Jones!

B.   Hello, could you please connect me to Mr. Jones?

C.   Get me Mr. Jones, please.

D.   Good morning. I was wondering if I could speak to Mr. Jones?

6: It's a good idea to smile while engaged in a phone conversation because doing so can have which of the following effects?

A.   Smiling has no real effect because the listener cannot see you.

B.   Smiling transfers into your tone of voice and can make the call more appealing.

C.   The listener can detect your grin, though not always positively.

D.   The listener may decide to plug in a webcam as a result of detecting your smile.

7: A hotel guest complains to the manager that the television in her room is not working. In this situation, which of the following responses should a hotel manager use?

A.   Ugh, this TV! I am sick of getting it fixed.

B.   I'll see about getting it fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

C.   That's good! I suggest you go out for a walk then.

D.   Why don't you just watch TV in the hotel lobby?

8: Which of the following is accurate in terms of how you should use your cell phone in public?

A.   Talk as loudly as you like - some calls are more important than your surroundings and you need to be heard.

B.   In public, use your cell phone sparingly and speak at a low volume. Other people should not have to listen to your conversation.

C.   If you get upset during the call, there's no need to refrain from yelling into the phone or throwing the phone against a wall.

D.   Whisper into the phone even if the listener cannot hear you properly, because it's never appropriate to speak into a cell phone in public.

9: A guest at a bar would like to have a pint of draught beer, but the bar serves only bottled beer. In this situation, which of the following responses should a restaurant or bar worker use so as not to displease the customer?

A.   I'm sorry, but we only serve bottled beer. Can I make a suggestion from the wide variety we have to offer?

B.   Too bad. You'll have to try some other place for that.

C.   Didn't you read the board that says we only serve bottled beer?

D.   Sorry, we don't serve draught beer since no one really drinks that these days.

10: A person claiming to have reserved a room in a hotel some days ago wants to check in. The receptionist checks the record and finds no reservation under her name. The person says this isn

A.   Let me recheck our records. May I have your name again, please? 0.10

B.   I checked the record right in front of you. There's nothing more I can do for you.

C.   We have an impeccable staff. It isn't possible that you made a reservation and we didn't record it properly.

D.   Ok, since you insist, I'll check again. What did you say your name was?

11: A customer insists on having the table beside the window overlooking the sea, but that table is already booked. In this situation, which of the following responses should a restaurant or bar worker use?

A.   Ma'am, that tableis already booked, but I can show you to another table that is equally good and also has a view of the sea.

B.   It's just not possible to give you that table.

C.   I'm sorry, but you'll just have to choose from the tables available.

D.   If you don't like the available tables and the view is so important, I suggest you go somewhere else.

12: Which of the following definitions is NOT correct?

A.   Shot: alcohol served with soda

B.   Specials: food items that are prepared on a certain day and that are usually offered at a reduced price

C.   Dessert: a sweet treat after a meal

D.   Side dish: a food item that goes with the main meal

13: Why is it not advisable to take your cell phone into an important business meeting?

A.   It is rude if the phone rings while you are with a client or during meetings, especially if you answer the call.

B.   Someone else in the office may need to use your cell phone while you are in a meeting.

C.   It's perfectly fine to take a cell phone into a meeting. In fact, it's best for business people to have a cell phone readily accessible and turned on at all times.

D.   None of the above

14: A flight attendant might say: " _____________ will be served before we begin the in-flight movie."

A.   Blankets

B.   Refreshments

C.   Oxygen masks

D.   Life vests

15: A guest who has just checked into his room tells the hotel room attendant that the view is amazing. Which of the following is an appropriate response on the part of the attendant?

A.   Yes, I can see that.

B.   Yeah, I know.

C.   Every guest says the same thing.

D.   You're right. It's truly amazing.

16: A customer on a tight budget would like information on the cheapest flights to Hawaii. In this situation, which of the following responses should a travel agent use?

A.   If you can you tell me which Hawaiian island you'll be visiting, I can help you find the most economical solution from your departure city.

B.   There are many cheap flights available. But first you have to decide which island you want to visit

C.   Give me the details of your departure airport, then I'll find out.

D.   If you really want to enjoy your vacation, you should stretch your budget a bit.

17: A customer complains that she ordered hot soup but found it to be cold. In this situation, which of the following responses should a restaurant or bar worker use?

A.   It's not as cold as you think it is.

B.   Sorry about that; I'll replace it with a bowl of hot soup.

C.   Let me check how cold it is.

D.   Don't worry; it happens sometimes.

18: Why is "privacy" considered one of the most important elements of telephone etiquette for business calls?

A.   It ensures the security of both parties.

B.   People like to be secretive because it makes them feel special.

C.   It's not - privacy should always be secondary to communication and letting everyone know as much as possible.

D.   Information exchanged during a call, especially that of a legal or financial nature, could be damaging if leaked into the wrong hands.

19: Which of the following expressions would NOT be used when you don't understand something that is said to you?

A.   Could you repeat that, please?

B.   Pardon?

C.   Is everything all right?

D.   I'm sorry, I don't quite understand.

20: A flight attendant might say: "Would you like tomato soup as a/an _____________?"

A.   dessert

B.   buffet

C.   appetizer

D.   sauce

21: When a person wants to buy a round-trip/return air ticket, it means that he/she wants ____________.

A.   to go on a trip around the world

B.   an air ticket with which he/she can travel from one destination to another and return to the starting location

C.   to change planes for a connecting flight

D.   a ticket with an airline company that returns all the money if the flight is cancelled

22: A traveler asks about the amenities available in a particular holiday resort. In this situation, which of the following responses should a travel and leisure industry worker use?

A.   They have beautifully appointed rooms with a view of the sea.

B.   The rooms are very nice, so the amenities don't really matter.

C.   You'll be sightseeing most of the time, so who cares about amenities?

D.   They have a game room, a swimming pool, a kid's pool, an oceanfront sun deck, and a great restaurant.

23: The long "hallway" between the rows of seats in an airplane is called the __________

A.   corridor

B.   alley

C.   aisle

D.   cockpit

24: Why is it important to specify the reason or intention behind a phone call?

A.   Doing so makes communication clearer because the listener will better understand why you are calling him and what you expect of him.

B.   It isn't important and can even be considered condescending or insulting to the listener's intelligence

C.   It shows the listener that you have the upper hand and are in control of the situation.

25: If a customer asks for a doggie bag, to what is the person referring?

A.   A bag for leftover food that the customer can take home

B.   A piece of paper on which to record their dining experience.

C.   A separate portion of food.

D.   Food the customer wants to purchase for the purpose of eating elsewhere.

26: A female passenger would like to pre-board a plane because she is traveling with a one-year-old child. In this situation, which of the following responses should a check-in assistant use?

A.   Yes, you are eligible for pre-boarding because you have a child with you. Please be at the gate one hour prior to boarding time.

B.   I don't think I can help you with this issue.

C.   There are quite a few passengers with children today, but they didn't ask to pre-board.

D.   That's not necessary. I think you'll be just as comfortable if you wait in the lounge area.

27: A customer who wants to book a cruise has very particular preferences when it comes to the choice of cabins. In this situation, which of the following responses should a travel and leisure industry worker use?

A.   I'll ensure you don't get a cabin at the lowest level of the cruise ship.

B.   If you can specify your budget and cabin preference, I can help you find the cabin type that best fits your needs and budget

C.   A cruise is an experience in itself. Cabin preference should not be given so much importance.

D.   If you can stretch your budget, maybe I can help you.

28: A guest checking into a hotel asks if he can pay upon check-out, which is against hotel policy. In this situation, which of the following responses should a hotel worker use?

A.   I'm sorry, Sir, but full payment is due at the time of check-in

B.   No, no. It has to be right now.

C.   Full payment must be made immediately or you will forfeit your reservation.

D.   We don't allow that kind of thing.

29: Upon checkout, a guest tells the front desk receptionist that she has never stayed at a worse hotel. In this situation, which of the following reactions would be best on the part of the hotel worker?

A.   Tell the guest that you are really surprised to hear that because no one has said such a thing before.

B.   Tell the guest that that's how things are and there's nothing you can do about it

C.   Tell the guest that you are sorry that he/she feels that way.

D.   Tell the guest that if he/she found your hotel so bad, he/she has no idea what a bad hotel actually is.

30: A hotel receptionist asks a guest checking in for the required photo ID, but the guest says he doesn't have one. Which is the most polite response for the hotel worker to use?

A.   No photo ID, no room

B.   In that case, I'm afraid I won't be able to check you in.

C.   You ought to carry a photo ID with you at all times.

D.   Very well, then I have no room for you.

31: Which of the following expressions would NOT be used when declining an offer?

A.   That's very kind of you, but no, thank you.

B.   I'm shocked to hear it.

C.   I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot accept.

D.   I'm afraid I can't do that.

32: "Changing the linens" in a hotel room means that the dirty ___________ will be replaced with clean ones.

A.   sheets

B.   pillow cases

C.   towels

D.   All of the above

33: A customer orders grilled salmon and is given grilled trout instead. He is furious and says such a thing shouldn't happen is such a high-end restaurant. In this situation, which of the following responses should a restaurant or bar worker use?

A.   Well, it's still grilled fish

B.   There's no need to lose your cool and show such disrespect.

C.   I do apologize, and I'll check into how this happened

D.   I do apologize for this carelessness. Let me get you the grilled salmon right away, and then I'll speak to the chef to understand how this happened.

34: On a flight, a passenger complains of motion sickness. In this situation, which of the following responses should a flight attendant use to help the passenger?

A.   No need to worry--many passengers experience this in air travel.

B.   It seems you're traveling by air for the first time, so of course you didn't know that air sickness is a common occurrence.

C.   I'm sorry you don't feel well. We'll do what we can to help you. Please note there is also an airsickness bag in the pocket in front of you, just in case you need it.

D.   If you feel like you're about to throw up, don't forget to use the airsickness bag.

35: Somebody at the bar spills his drink all over the counter. In this situation, which of the following responses should a restaurant or bar worker use?

A.   I'll clean it up, but be more careful next time.

B.   Let me clean that up and get you a fresh drink.

C.   If you can't handle a drink, perhaps you shouldn't be in a bar.

D.   Look at the mess you made!

36: Which of the following information is not necessary to leave on a personal voicemail message?

A.   Your name

B.   The reason why you are away from the phone

C.   Your number

D.   All of the above

37: Which of the following is the most formal expression of greeting?

A.   Hi there!

B.   Good to see you.

C.   Good afternoon.

D.   What's up?

38: A person enquiring about the availability of hotel rooms tells the hotel worker that he thinks it's unbelievable that all the rooms are booked. In this situation, which of the following responses should a hotel worker use?

A.   You may not want to believe it, but that doesn't change the reality.

B.   You should have called earlier; we had rooms available up until an hour ago

C.   I'm sorry we can't be of service, Sir, but we actually are all booked.

D.   What I said is absolutely true. Try your luck elsewhere.

39: An airline passenger wants to exchange his window seat for an aisle seat after he has already boarded the plane. In this situation, which of the following responses should a flight attendant use?

A.   I'll see what I can do, but you'll have to wait until the plane takes off and the captain switches off the seatbelt sign.

B.   Sorry, seat changes aren't possible after boarding.

C.   Please don't inconvenience the other passengers. Remain in your assigned seat.

D.   If we complied with everyone's requests, it would be difficult to keep everyone happy.

40: A traveler who has already booked a trip to Egypt through a travel agency wants to know what type of clothes would be most appropriate in Egypt in April. In this situation, which of the following responses should the travel agent use to help the client?

A.   You can easily find that information on the Internet

B.   Everyone knows that deserts are cooler at night, so take some heavy clothing with you.

C.   I would suggest taking a little bit of everything as you never know what you might need.

D.   You'll need light clothing for daytime because it gets quite hot even in April. However, desert nights tend to be cool, so do take some warmer clothing as well.

41: Which of the following statements would be most impressive and appropriate for a tour guide to say to his tour group on a visit to the Roman Colosseum?

A.   You are now standing among the ruins of one of the most famous ancient amphitheaters in the world-the Roman Colosseum, completed in 80 AD.

B.   Though the once magnificent Colosseum has been reduced to ruins, it's still worth a quick visit.

C.   The Colosseum may be an architectural feat, but it's nothing in comparison to the Parthenon in Greece.

D.   This is the famous Colosseum. You can stroll around on your own and then meet back here in an hour.

42: In the hotel industry, a "bellhop" is ________________.

A.   the person who answers phone calls at the reception desk

B.   the person in charge at the hotel

C.   a staff member who cleans the rooms

D.   a staff member who helps the guests with their luggage

43: During phone conversations, it's important not to waffle, mumble, or speak in generic terms because ____________________.

A.   your message may not be understood correctly, resulting in confusion or misunderstandings doing so reflects poorly on the caller and may cause the listener to lose interest

B.   the caller makes the job of communication harder for all parties involved

C.   the listener may then have to call you back to clarify the purpose of the call and/or what is expected of him

D.   All of the above.

44: A restaurant customer can't make up his mind as to what to order. In this situation, which of the following responses should a restaurant or bar worker use to help the customer decide?

A.   All the dishes are good, so you really can't go wrong.

B.   I don't want to suggest something you may not like, so try to choose something yourself.

C.   Why don't you just go to a buffet restaurant so you'll have more options?

D.   If you like steak, may I suggest our grilled New York Strip Steak?

45: Which of the following titles should be used to address a woman whose name you do not know and whose age you are unable to determine?

A.   Mrs

B.   Miss

C.   Ma'am

D.   Ms

46: Which of the following expressions would NOT be used when you have made a mistake?

A.   Pardon me.

B.   I'm sorry.

C.   Excuse me.

D.   No problem.

47: Which of the following expressions can be used to express agreement?

A.   Why not?

B.   Of course not!

C.   Not necessarily.

D.   Come on!

48: Which of the following expressions would NOT be used to respond to somebody who thanks you for something?

A.   Take it easy.

B.   With pleasure.

C.   Don't mention it.

D.   You are welcome.

49: __________ growth makes sense when good opportunities can be found outside the present businesses.

A.   Diversification

B.   Backward integration

C.   Revenue

50: Restaurant equipment is generally thought to have a life expectancy of about __________ years.

A.   1 year

B.   3 years

C.   7 years

D.   10 years