Port Numbers MCQs

Port Numbers MCQs

Answer these Port Numbers MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Port Numbers.
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1: Dynamic ports ranges from

A.   0 to 1023

B.   1024 to 49,151

C.   49,152 to 65,535

D.   0 to 65,535

2: Transport layer is responsible for process-to-process delivery of the

A.   Message

B.   Entire Message

C.   Half Message

D.   Partial Message

3: User Datagram Protocol (UDP), is a suitable transport protocol for

A.   Unicasting

B.   Multicasting

C.   Layer Process

D.   Source IP

4: In Process to Process delivery, ports ranging from 49,152 to 65,535 are called

A.   Registered ports

B.   Well-known ports

C.   Dynamic ports

D.   Data Ports

5: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), A connection-oriented transport protocol establishes a

A.   Virtual Connections

B.   Virtual Path

C.   Virtual Connection

D.   Virtual Header

6: In Process to Process delivery, a transport layer protocol can either be connectionless or

A.   Connection organized

B.   Connection oriented

C.   Connection linked

D.   Connection terminated

7: Transport layer is responsible for

A.   Node to node delivery

B.   Process-to-process delivery

C.   Hop to hop delivery

D.   None

8: In Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA), ports are ranging from

A.   0 to 1023

B.   1 to 1023

C.   2 to 1023

D.   3 to 1023

9: In transport layer, a message is normally divided into transmittable

A.   Segments

B.   Signals

C.   Networks

D.   Paths

10: In User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Source port number is

A.   16 Bit Long

B.   14 Bit Long

C.   12 Bit Long

D.   10 Bit Long

11: Port number used by process running on destination host is called

A.   Source Port Number

B.   Destination Port Number

C.   Well-known Port Number

D.   IP Port Number

12: Charge is one of well-known ports of

A.   UDP

B.   TCP



13: In Internet model, port numbers are

A.   16-bit integers

B.   18-bit integers

C.   20-bit integers

D.   22-bit integers

14: If application layer program needs reliability, we use a reliable transport layer protocol by implementing flow and error control at the

A.   Physical layer

B.   Data link layer

C.   Network layer

D.   Transport layer

15: IANA has divided port numbers into

A.   Pair of two

B.   Three ranges

C.   Pair of four

D.   Both a and c