Salesforce CRM MCQs

Salesforce CRM MCQs

These Salesforce CRM multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Salesforce CRM. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 70+ Salesforce CRM MCQs.
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1: What is word "app" short for?

A.   Applied

B.   Application

C.   Apples

D.   Appearance

2: Which of the following is a Salesforce tool that allows companies to track marketing initiatives?

A.   Reports

B.   Campaigns

C.   Organizations

D.   Opportunities

3: A campaign that hosts/deploys multiple campaigns under it is called a:

A.   Hierarchy Campaign

B.   Campaign

C.   Umbrella Campaign

D.   Parent Campaign

4: A "contact role" is defined as:

A.   A role a specific contact plays in an opportunity or account

B.   A role a specific contact plays for your company

C.   The type of Sales force user that person is

5: What is the Salesforce reporting interface called?

A.   Drop and Carry

B.   Drag and Drop

C.   Input and Carry

D.   Uploader

6: Which of the following is NOT a report format in Salesforce?

A.   Campaign

B.   Matrix

C.   Summary

D.   Tabular

7: There are four main certification paths available in Which of these is NOT one of them?

A.   Developers

B.   Coders

C.   Implementation Experts

D.   Administrators

E.   Architects

8: What type of application is "ExactTarget" (used through AppExchange)?

A.   Call Tracking

B.   Data Repository for CEO information

C.   Research Tool focused on Fortune 1000 companies

D.   Address Database

E.   E-mail Marketing

9: Which of the following is a free license?

A.   Partner Portal

B.   Knowledge

C.   Siteforce

D.   Chatter

10: Which of these companies does Salesforce integrate as an email marketing tool?

A.   Elite Email

B.   ExactTarget

C.   iContact

D.   Pinpointe On-Demand

E.   HyperMail

11: How do you easily/natively share a report with another user?

A.   Save report in public folder

B.   Reports are private and cannot be shared

C.   Post report in a shared network drive

D.   Export report and send in an email

12: What is a detailed description of a customer's feedback, complaint, or issue?

A.   Case

B.   Work Order

C.   Complaint Ticket

D.   Archive

13: What is the customer support help desk offering from






14: What does Conga Composer do?

A.   The Help Desk feature for

B.   Gathers Salesforce information and merges it into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF-form templates.

C.   Helps you send targeted, relevant email messages directly from

D.   It directly embeds high-value business information into your Salesforce application.

E.   Allows you to create apps for AppExchange.

15: As an administrator, how would you go about importing a large number of opportunities?

A.   Clone existing opportunities

B.   Use the Apex Data Loader (separate download)

C.   Salesforce-to-Excel Integration

D.   Setup -> Username -> Data Management -> Import

16: What Salesforce tool allows for updates to multiple contacts at one time?

A.   Excel sheet uploader

B.   Mass upload tool

C.   Apex data loader

D.   Outlook configuration

17: What is Labs?

A.   Open-source apps developed by employees.

B.   Portal for customers to upload their own apps.

C.   An offshoot of, where engineers work on projects for other companies.

D.   The locations where all engineers work.

18: What is the cloud computing PaaS system from


B.   Chatter


D.   AppExchange


19: Which statement is TRUE about the calendar function?

A.   You can view multiple user calendars

B.   Calendars are static and cannot be customized.

C.   You can only view your own calendar

D.   Other user calendars are encrypted for privacy

20: This is a real time collaboration tool that can be used for projects, groups, individuals, or initiatives:

A.   Contacts

B.   Chatter

C.   Campaigns

D.   Libraries

21: A log of emails sent through can be found under:

A.   Email Log Files

B.   Debug Logs

C.   Email Services

D.   Mass Emails

E.   Email Settings

22: Which of the following statements is true about leads and contacts?

A.   Leads can be converted into contacts in one-click.

B.   Existing contacts can be converted to leads in one-click.

C.   Leads are deleted after the conclusion of a campaign effort.

D.   Reports cannot be pulled for leads.

23: True or False: There is a way to "Mass Delete" accounts from Salesforce.

A.   False

B.   True

24: How do you setup email notifications for specific chatter groups?

A.   Notifications are on by default, no action necessary

B.   Administrator must turn on chatter email notifications

C.   Not possible through Salesforce

D.   Must be changed on your email server

25: Is mass edit available to all users?

A.   Yes

B.   No

26: An account can be which of the following?

A.   Organization/Company

B.   Contacts

C.   Affiliated Contact

D.   Opportunity

27: How do you leave a note for another user about a specific organization?

A.   Write it on a post-it note

B.   Log a call

C.   Attach a note or file under the organization

D.   Email the user about the information

28: What is the term for the number of days an opportunity has been open (since creation)?

A.   Hot Lead Opportunity

B.   ROI Calculator

C.   Marketing Effort

D.   Age

29: What is the Salesforce term for duplicating an account/activity/contact etc?

A.   Duplicate

B.   Place

C.   Copy

D.   Clone

30: What field do you find the "log a call" feature under an organization?

A.   Activity History

B.   Opportunities

C.   Pricebooks

D.   It’s a custom object so wherever the administrator creates it to be.

31: What is the connecting account for multiple accounts with one common office/organization?

A.   Common Denominator Account

B.   Parent Account

C.   Umbrella Account

D.   King Account

32: How do you disable an inactive Salesforce user?

A.   Rename the user to a new active user under user management

B.   Take no action

C.   Delete user under user management

D.   De-select the Active checkbox for this user under user management

33: What is AppExchange?

A.   The app that is located in the iTunes Store.

B.   An app that helps companies swap ideas about how they implement

C.   A marketplace for cloud computing applications built for the community.

D.   A forum for users to discuss their own applications.

E.   One of the many acquisitions made by

34: Where can you find additional applications for Salesforce?

A.   AppForce

B.   iTunes

C.   Salesforce app exchange

D.   Application Updates

35: What is the definition of a product?

A.   Specific campaign item

B.   Pricebooks opportunity

C.   An item available on the internet

D.   Anything your company sells

36: How do you create a recurring event?

A.   First create the event in Outlook then import the series into Salesforce

B.   Download a specific calendar not native to Salesforce

C.   Create a new event and select recurring series

D.   Manually add the event each occurrence

37: The main function of the document library is:

A.   A resource guide for your customers

B.   To track completed projects and task lists.

C.   To beef up your articles and knowledge briefs

D.   To store documents without attaching them to accounts, contacts, or other records

38: What is one way to import existing company contacts and information?

A.   All of these

B.   Manual Input

C.   Connect for Outlook

D.   Excel Sheets and Data Loader

39: Page layouts can be assigned to a Record Type.

A.   False

B.   True

40: If a contact is associated with multiple organizations this information will appear in which areas of Salesforce?

A.   Reports

B.   All of these

C.   Contacts

D.   Organization

41: What is the reporting tool called that allows a user to pull specific data/narrow the scope?

A.   Plug

B.   Filter

C.   Tabs

D.   Edit

42: By which channels can an article be viewed?

A.   Personal Company Website

B.   The Internal App

C.   All of these

D.   Customer Portal

43: You can trasfer information from SalesForce to Excel?

A.   Yes, But only with 2010 MSO Version

B.   No

C.   Yes

D.   Yes, But only with 2007 MSO version

E.   A third party plug requiered

44: What is the model of software development and distribution that is completely hosted on the internet?

A.   No host computing

B.   Cloud Computing

C.   Universe Computing

D.   Space Computing

45: You can do this on Chatter:

A.   Collaborate on business processes in context

B.   Connect quickly with people and content

C.   All of the above

D.   Discover resources and recommendations

46: Salesforce can pull reports for which of the following information fields?

A.   Primary Contacts

B.   Specific Campaigns

C.   Zip Codes

D.   All of these

47: What statement is true about reports and campaigns?

A.   Contacts pulled in a report can be pushed directly into a campaign.

B.   All are true statements

C.   Contact reports can be pulled for specific campaign.

D.   An influence report can be pulled for a parent campaign.

48: Which statement is TRUE about chatter?

A.   Chatter includes groups

B.   Chatter can attach documents

C.   All of these

D.   Chatter includes individuals

49: What type of files can be uploaded to the document library?

A.   .xls

B.   All of these

C.   .pdf

D.   .png

50: According to the Salesforce definition, an article:

A.   Captures all media surrounding your companies products and services and is available for customer review.

B.   Collects social media mentions and stores for customer review.

C.   There is no such thing as an "article" in Salesforce, this is a trick question.

D.   Captures information about your company's products and services that you want available in the knowledge base.