Twitter Management MCQs

Twitter Management MCQs

These Twitter Management multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Twitter Management. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Twitter Management MCQs.
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1: What is RT used for?

A.   It is a message to another user

B.   It is a reply

C.   A ReTweet: showing that you are reposting a tweet by another user

2: Marketers can target based on all of the following EXCEPT:

A.   Gender

B.   Account age

C.   Location

D.   Similarity to existing followers

3: Are hashtags and key-words useful in Twitter bios?

A.   Yes, if used in moderation.

B.   Yes, if fully loaded.

C.   No, there is no effect

D.   No, they look professional

4: How can your prospects events trigger a marketing opportunity for you?

A.   You can RT their event, which will make them thankful for you

B.   You cold email them

C.   You send them a note about your products, since they are having momentum

5: What does Twitter's CPE metric include?

A.   direct impressions and clicks

B.   clicks, replies, and follows that occur after someone retweets the Promoted Tweet

C.   impressions and clicks that occur after someone retweets the promoted tweet

6: What can you use TweetDeck for?

A.   To automatically send tweets for you

B.   To automatically follow other users

C.   Following live trends and managing feeds with multiple accounts

7: The following are strong methods for growing your follower base:

A.   retweeting content

B.   sharing your expertise

C.   engaging people in conversations

D.   all answers are correct

8: What are the requirements to send a DM?

A.   You can send anyone a DM

B.   You have to reply to their message

C.   You and the other user have to both be following each other

9: True or False? Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without.

A.   False

B.   True

10: What is one of the best ways to connect with your audience?

A.   Post company information with each post

B.   Be genuine, ask questions and share answers

C.   Hard selling your products

11: True or False: You should follow competitors in your industry?

A.   True

B.   False

A.   True

B.   False

13: You should include _______ in your tweets to increase the amount of views it will receive

A.   Your phone number

B.   Your name

C.   Your company name

D.   Relevant Keywords

14: What is the @ symbol mean?

A.   It is used to reference users in tweets

B.   It is used for every tweet

C.   It is never used

15: What does RT mean?

A.   Real Tweet

B.   Reputable Tweet

C.   Retweet

D.   Registered Tweet

16: True or False? Tweets help SEO.

A.   False

B.   True

17: What is the # symbol used for?

A.   It is a hashtag, used for keywords or topics

B.   It is used to reference a user

C.   It is never used

18: What are Tweetups?

A.   slang for the act of favoriting a tweet

B.   virtual Twitter online dance parties

C.   in-person meetups that attract fellow Twitter users

19: What is the maximum number of characters allowed in one tweet?

A.   140

B.   120

C.   80

D.   160

20: Which of the following are considered spammy tactics?

A.   pushing content

B.   auto-DMs

C.   following and unfollowing users to grow your follower count

D.   (all of these)

21: True or False: Being consistent with what time of day and how often you tweet can benefit your account?

A.   True

B.   False

22: What integrated mobile video app (with major marketing potential) was recently released by Twitter?

A.   Pheed

B.   Snapchat

C.   Vine

D.   Timehop

23: What does Twitter's "Follower Growth" metric track?

A.   How many users interact with your account

B.   How many users go to your site

C.   How many users sign up for your service or buy your product

D.   How many new followers you get every day, week or month

24: A Twitter chat has a specific hashtag.

A.   False

B.   True

25: True or False: The characters in a username you @ message is included in your total character count.

A.   False

B.   True

26: Twitter owns which social media management tool?

A.   HootSuite

B.   TweetDeck

C.   Sprinklr

D.   a'twitter

27: What is the name of Twitter's own video sharing plaftorm?

A.   instagram

B.   vine

C.   you tube

D.   wistia

28: Who can you send a direct message to?

A.   Any Twitter user in your geographic territory

B.   Any Twitter user

C.   One of your followers

29: What is a Twitter List?

A.   A list of people you can DM

B.   A list of people who want to buy your product

C.   A group or community of like minded users

30: Which of the following is an important element of a successful Twitter ad?

A.   include a url

B.   include a strong call to action

C.   all answers are correct

D.   include hashtags

31: What helps early stage prospecting on Twitter?

A.   Tweeting from multiple accounts

B.   Using relevant hashtags

C.   Including photos in tweets

D.   Linking to 3rd party websites

32: What Twitter service offers promotion on a cost-per-follower basis?

A.   Tweets

B.   Promoted Accounts

C.   #chats

D.   Trends

33: How can you appear in a user's "Who to follow" section?

A.   Promote your account

B.   Friend their Facebook account

C.   Donate to Twitter directly

D.   Promote your Twitter #chats

34: How should you deal with Trolls?

A.   Ignore them

B.   DM them

C.   @ them

D.   RT them

35: To engage with your audience you need to:

A.   Talk to them

B.   Converse with them

C.   Brag

D.   Tell them about yourself

36: What was the original reason for Twitter constraining the number of characters per tweet?

A.   The first uses of Twitter were to spread haikus

B.   The social network was meant to primarily be used via SMS

C.   No reason

D.   Server capacity issues

37: Where will promoted tweets show up for viewers you have targeted?

A.   in the connect tab

B.   in a personal DM

C.   in the follow widget and connect tab

D.   at the top of the home feed

38: True or False? "Hard Selling" works effectively on Twitter.

A.   False

B.   True

39: What does Twitter's blue advertising follower meter display?

A.   the estimated number of people who will click on your ad

B.   the estimated amount of money your ad will cost

C.   the estimated number of viewers your campaign might reach

40: What are Twitter chats?

A.   the name for a conversation between two people on twitter

B.   in-person events that feature twitter influencers

C.   open twitter conversations centered around a single hashtag

41: Which of the following does not appear when someone views your profile on mobile?

A.   background image

B.   profile photo

C.   header image

D.   handle

42: What is a 'real life' gathering of a Twitter community called?

A.   The Followship

B.   Tweetup

C.   Tweet Meet

D.   Meet n' Tweet

43: What does the term #FF refer to?

A.   Follow Friday

B.   Friend Follow

C.   First Follow

D.   Free Follows

A.   Sponsored Tweet

B.   Profile page

C.   Retweet

D.   Favorite

45: The following can be used for targeting for promoted accounts:

A.   interest groups, profile url and people who retweeted a specific tweet

B.   people who retweeted a specific tweet

C.   interest groups, people who are similar to specific usernames, geography and gender

D.   geography, gender, and profile url

46: What percent of buyers will use social media in their purchase decision?

A.   75%

B.   10%

C.   25%

D.   50%

47: Statistically, when are your Tweets most likely to be Retweeted? (US - EST)

A.   5:00 in the evening

B.   10:00 in the morning

C.   9:00 in the morning

D.   12:00 in the afternoon

48: What is the 'bread and butter' of the Buffer tool?

A.   Facebook integration

B.   Tweet scheduling

C.   Identifying influential Twitter users

D.   Blocking tweets

49: What days see the most Twitter traffic?

A.   Monday & Wednesday

B.   Tuesday & Thursday

C.   Monday & Friday

D.   Saturday & Sunday

50: What Twitter service offers promotion on a flat rate sponsorship basis?

A.   Trends

B.   #chats

C.   Tweets

D.   Accounts