General Aptitude MCQs

General Aptitude MCQs

The following General Aptitude MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of General Aptitude. We encourage you to answer these 30 multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: Choose the word closest in meaning to BANE.

A.   Antidote

B.   Remedy

C.   Scourge

D.   Therapy

2: A, B, C and D are four people.
1) A is the son of B.
2) B is the daughter of C.
3) C is the mother of D.
Which among the following is true?

A.   B and D are brothers.

B.   D is the father of A.

C.   A and D are brothers.

D.   B is the sister of D 

3: Among five software companies, Mars pays higher wages to its employees than what Venus pays, but its wages are not as much as those paid by Jupiter. Uranus pays more than what Earth pays, but still not as much as what Venus pays to its employees. Who among them pays the least to its employees?

A.   Venus

B.   Earth

C.   Mars

D.   Data Inadequate

E.   None of these 

4: An aircraft has an unaccelerated stall speed of 70 knots. What would be its stall speed under a load factor of 4G?

A.   100 knots

B.   180 knots

C.   140 knots

D.   150 knots 

5: The key role of the drafter is to _______ plain English drafts that are legally correct and give effect to government policy.

A.   take away

B.   bring

C.   produce

D.   insert

E.   improve 

6: Five people P, Q, R, S, and T are appearing in an interview. The order in which they will be called for the interview is fixed. P will be called before R, Q before S and T before P. Which among the following is the correct sequence in which they would attend the interview?

A.   P, R, Q, S, T

B.   P, R, S, T, Q

C.   Q, R, P, T, S

D.   Q, S, T, P, R

7: Find the difference between the local value and the face value of 5 in the numeral 6765734.

A.   5729

B.   5625

C.   4995

D.   4890

8: How many such alphabets are there in the word ALPHABET such that when they are arranged alphabetically, each of them is as far away from the beginning as in the given word?

A.   Zero

B.   Two

C.   Three

D.   None of the above

9: Peter purchases a bicycle for Rs.25000 and sells it at a profit of 25%. What is the selling price of the bicycle?

A.   Rs.32250

B.   Rs.36250

C.   Rs.34550

D.   Rs.31250 

A.   Medicine:Ailment

B.   Baking:Cooking

C.   Vaccination:Disease

D.   Carefree:Crash

E.   Water:Parched

11: Which of the following is true about critical angle of attack of an aircraft?

A.   It changes with an increase in gross weight.

B.   It decreases if the centre of gravity moved aft.

C.   It remains unchanged regardless of gross weight.

D.   It increases if the centre of gravity moved forward. 

12: The total load on a fixed-wing aircraft is 8000 pounds if it is subjected to 60-degree constant-altitude bank. What would be its approximate gross weight before it is subjected to 60-degree constant-altitude bank?

A.   5000 pounds

B.   6000 pounds

C.   3000 pounds

D.   4000 pounds

13: Find the average percent increase of population per year if the population of a city increased from 3,50,000 to 5,89,240 in a decade.

A.   75%

B.   5.28%

C.   6%

D.   6.83%

14: John takes a loan from his friend on an amount of Rs.1400 at the rate of 6% p.a. What will be the simple interest for one year on this amount?

A.   Rs.24

B.   Rs.84

C.   Rs.240

D.   Rs.98

15: At or above what speed does an airplane risk hydroplaning at touchdown if the tire pressure is 64 PSI?

A.   67.6 knots

B.   61.6 knots

C.   71.6 knots

D.   79.6 knots 

16: Solve the following equation:
25 * (6-2) / 4 - 5 = ?

A.   15

B.   20

C.   35

D.   26 

17: Choose the closest meaning of the underlined word in the below mentioned phrase:
A supercilious affair

A.   Puzzling

B.   Anticipated

C.   Pompous

D.   Adorable

18: At or above what speed does an airplane risk hydroplaning during a takeoff roll with tire pressure of 49 PSI?

A.   70 knots

B.   72 knots

C.   67 knots

D.   63 knots 

19: Which of the following words is opposite in meaning to RETALIATION?

A.   Reprisal

B.   Acceptance

C.   Retribution

D.   Vengeance

20: A is daughter of B. B is son of C. What is the relationship between A and C?

A.   A is granddaughter of C.

B.   A is sister of C.

C.   C is grandson of A.

D.   None of the above.

21: Solve the following equation:
(40 - 10) + (23 + 27) = ?

A.   40

B.   20

C.   80

D.   50 

22: Find the value of the following expression:

A.   850

B.   425

C.   825

D.   None of the above 

23: When square of a number is increased by 3, then the resulting value becomes equal to four times the original number. Find the number(s).

A.   –1,3

B.   3,4

C.   1,3

D.   2,3

24: Choose the sentence with INCORRECT article usage.

A.   I drink the tea thrice a day to keep myself warm.

B.   The weather conditions have adversely affected the Middle East.

C.   A fire extinguisher comes in handy during fire.

D.   None of the above 

25: Rearrange the following words to create the most logical and grammatically correct sentence.
In/ dog/ the/ howled/ backyard/ cat/ the/ barked/ and/ the/ at

A.   The dog barked in the backyard and howled at the cat.

B.   In the backyard, the howled dog barked at the cat.

C.   The cat howled and barked at the dog in the backyard.

D.   In the backyard, the dog barked and howled at the cat.

E.   The dog howled and barked at the cat in the backyard.

26: In a certain code language "$ @ & *" means "Values Are Always Good"; "# & $" means "Inculcate Good Values". Which of the following could be the code for "Always Inculcate Good Habits", if the sign % stands for Habits?

A.   & % @ #

B.   % @ & *

C.   * $ & %

D.   Data Inadequate

E.   None of these

27: How many 7s come between 150 and 200?

A.   19

B.   21

C.   11

D.   15 

28: The average weight of A, B and C is 50 kg. What will be the weight of A if the average weight of A and B is 45 kg and that of B and C is 35 kg?

A.   80

B.   10

C.   120

D.   None of these

29: If 75% of 1/3 of a number is 25, then the number is:

A.   125

B.   100

C.   75

D.   115 

30: Which of the following is the new form of the word "AUSTERIT", if each consonant in the word is substituted by the third letter that comes in the English alphabet after it and each vowel by the very first letter that comes after it?





E.   None of these 

31: Five boys start whistling together and whistle at the intervals of 5,10,15,20 and 25 seconds respectively. In 40 minutes, how many times do they whistle together?

A.   7

B.   8

C.   9

D.   10

32: A child with type o blood could not have a parent with type ________ blood.

A.   A

B.   B

C.   AB

D.   O