Search Engine Marketing MCQs

Search Engine Marketing MCQs

The following Search Engine Marketing MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Search Engine Marketing. We encourage you to answer these 80+ multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site called?

A.   View Jacking

B.   Visitors Jacking

C.   Page Jacking

D.   Traffic jacking

2: What are organic search results?

A.   Results based on content and keyword relevancy, free of commercial investment

B.   Results organized by how often the search term is used outside the internet

C.   Results free of intentional keyword optimization

D.   Results based on originality of content

3: What does SERP stand for?

A.   Search engine results position.

B.   Search engine recurring payment.

C.   Search engine results plan.

D.   Search engine retirement plan.

E.   Search engine results page.

4: What acronym refers to the results produced when a search is entered?

A.   ROS

B.   ROI



5: What are landing pages?

A.   Social media profiles.

B.   The destination page a user arrives on after clicking a link.

C.   Pages marketers create to showcase banner ads.

D.   A website's home page.

6: Which of the following tools allows you to track page views, unique visitors and conversion statistics?

A.   Google AdWords

B.   Alexa

C.   Google Analytics

D.   Wordpress

7: How are videos and images read by search engines?

A.   Through light sensitive color coded data recgonization.

B.   Through outsourced Google employee teams working overseas.

C.   Through reverse-image scanning technology.

D.   Through tags, file names, and other words that describe them

8: What type of sitemap file should be used for SEO?

A.   XFL

B.   ROR

C.   XML

D.   WWW

9: What term refers to Google removing a page from their search results?

A.   Excommunicated

B.   De-indexed

C.   Power Purged

D.   E-rased

10: A search engine's method for gathering and prioritizing website content is called:

A.   Scouting

B.   Sourcing

C.   Indexing

D.   Digging

11: What two broad areas make up SEM?

A.   CEO & SEO

B.   SEO & PPC

C.   SEO & SOO

D.   SEA & OCN

12: What program did Google implement to penalize black hat SEO?

A.   Puffin

B.   Penguin

C.   Parrot

D.   Pigeon

13: CTR stands for

A.   Click to Review

B.   Content Through Repitition

C.   Click Through Rate

D.   Controlled Technology Regulations

14: True or False? Websites created entirely in Flash are better for SEO.


B.   False

A.   Surfers

B.   Slayers

C.   Spyware

D.   Spiders

16: What tactic will get you de-indexed by Google?

A.   (all of these choices)

B.   Cloaking

C.   Buying links

D.   Duplicating content

A.   Friendly Link

B.   Inbound Link

C.   Co-link

D.   Link Assistance

18: What are the two, most heavily weighted factors Google uses to rank pages?

A.   Content and inbound links

B.   Social media penetration and weekly traffic

C.   Site longevity and user reviews

D.   Money spent on Google advertising and physical server location

19: Generally, are SEO or PPC campaigns easier to track?

A.   SEO

B.   PPC

20: What does LMS stand for?

A.   Local Monthly Searches

B.   Large Money Sites

C.   Long Moral Strings

D.   Local Monthly Standings

21: What is the black hat SEO method of displaying content to internet bots that is different than the content displayed on a user's bowser?

A.   Course Correction

B.   Cloaking

C.   Concealing

D.   Screening

22: What does the term 'keyword stuffing' refer to?

A.   Posting SEO rich comments on your own webpage.

B.   Overloading a page with keywords.

C.   Repeating the same SEO terms over multiple social media channels.

D.   Overusing SEO in Gmail subject lines

23: When posting on Google+, how long does it take for Google Search to index the content?

A.   Almost instantly

B.   Post are never indexed

C.   Weeks

D.   Months

A.   Analytics

B.   Penguin

C.   Google+

D.   AdWords

25: Which type of url redirect is the most favorable for SEO?

A.   413

B.   818

C.   404

D.   301

26: Why is it bad idea from SEO perspective to host free articles and write ups that are very common on the internet?

A.   Because you will not get the benefits of proper keyword targeting

B.   Because they will not lead to fresh traffic

C.   Because you could be penalized by search engine for using duplicate contents

D.   because people could turn up claiming copyright infirigement

27: How often should a blog be updated for the best SEO results?

A.   Once a week

B.   As often as humanly possible

C.   Rarely, but with high content quality

D.   Consistently within reason and with quality content

E.   Once a month to build "Thirst"

28: Long-tail keywords are:

A.   Searched less often than common keywords

B.   Key phrases with repeating words

C.   Keywords generated through email chains

D.   Used most often as social media hashtags

29: How often a keyword is mentioned relatively to the space on a page is called:

A.   Keyword density

B.   Keyword frequency

C.   Keyword consistency

D.   Keyword saturation

30: Flash Ads, by default, have a higher Quality Score than Static Ads.

A.   False

B.   True

31: How can one site 'recommend' another in the eyes of Google?

A.   Linking to the site on their own page

B.   Collaborating on online ad campaign

C.   Emails to Google's tech department

D.   Liking' or 'staring' their Facebook page, Google+ profile, and Tweets

A.   Symbiotic Linking

B.   Mutually Beneficial Links

C.   Reciprocal links

D.   Co-links

33: What owned search service measures website traffic?

A.   AdWords

B.   Aloca

C.   AmazAds

D.   Alexa

34: What are breadcrumb lists?

A.   A list of social media followers who link and share your content.

B.   A row of internal links allowing visitors to quickly navigate back to a previous pages.

C.   Backlinks posted on related blogs.

D.   A series of links from the same website found on the same page of search engine results.

35: What type of written content leads to higher page rankings?

A.   Keywords stylized with hashtags and unique text formatting

B.   Strategic abbreviations coupled with relevant keywords

C.   Bulleted lists with relevant keywords

D.   Complete sentences with relevant keywords

A.   Inbound links

B.   Outbound links

C.   Links shared through social media

D.   Search engine results

37: Which of the following statement about FFA pages are true?

A.   They are Paid Listings

B.   They are greatly beneficial to SEO

C.   They contain numerous inbound links

D.   They are also called Link Farms

38: If you are driving a lot of PPC traffic to your website, but none of that traffic converts into leads, it’s an indication that:

A.   Most of the traffic is coming from social media

B.   Your search term is too specific and should be shortened

C.   You are bidding too high for your PPC terms

D.   Your marketing offer is insufficient or hard to identify

39: What was the name of the 2011 change to Google's search results ranking algorithm?

A.   Google Panda

B.   Google Pelican

C.   Google Plebian

D.   Google Penguin

40: After Google, what is the web's most trafficked content destination on the web?

A.   Bing

B.   YouTube

C.   Yahoo!

D.   Aol

E.   Ask

41: SEO favors a consistent title for all pages within a website over unique titles for each page.

A.   True

B.   False

42: In AdWords, a value that's used to determine your ad position, where ads are shown on a page is:

A.   Ad Relevance

B.   Edge Rank

C.   Quality Score

D.   CPC Bid

E.   Ad Rank

43: Which factor does NOT influence Quality Score in AdWords campaign?

A.   CPC bid

B.   landing page quality

C.   ad relevance

D.   past CTR

44: To enable conversion optimizer in Google AdWords, a campaign must:

A.   Have conversion tracking, but no minimum conversions are required

B.   Have at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days.

C.   Conversion optimizer is the default setting for all campaigns in Google AdWords

D.   Have at least 30 conversions in the past 30-days

E.   Have at least 15 conversions in the past 15-days

45: Product Listing Ads are designed to target Google DIsplay Network.

A.   No

B.   Yes

46: Which of the following statements about pop-under ads is correct?

A.   They require Java Virtual Machine to be installed on the computer

B.   A Pop-under Ad opens a new browser window hidden under the active window

C.   Pop under Ads hinder the view of the user

D.   Pop under Ads are same as pop up ads

47: At what location on the webpage do advertising companies often require their best inventory to be placed?

A.   Left of the fold

B.   Right of the fold

C.   Above the fold

D.   Centre of the fold

E.   In the page header

48: When an advertiser purchases banner inventory across an ad network's entire range of sites, it is termed as:    

A.   Network span

B.   Across network

C.   Run of network

D.   Broad network

E.   Roll of network

49: A website displays 20,000 impressions of a CPA (Cost per action) banner ad. If the CPA ad generates a CTR (click-through-rate) of 1%, followed by a conversion rate (the rate at which users complete a sale or registration) of 1%, how many sales/registrations would the site make?

A.   1 sale

B.   2 sales

C.   10 sales

D.   100 sales

E.   No sales

50: What is the term given to the practice of targeting and serving ads to groups of people who act in a similar manner in the way they react in their online environment.

A.   Psychometric Targeting

B.   Reactive Targeting

C.   Action-Reaction Targeting

D.   Behavioral Targeting