Windows NT MCQs

Windows NT MCQs

The following Windows NT MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Windows NT. We encourage you to answer these 20 multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: You are printing to a Netware printer, how will you disable the blank page at the end of each print job?

A.   From CSNW, deselect add form feed

B.   From GSNW, deselect add form feed

C.   From print manager disable form feed

D.   Add an entry in the spooler folder

E.   Remove an entry from the spool folder  

2: Which of the following is false about failure of one of the disc in mirrored volume?

A.   The status of mirrored volume becomes Failed Redundancy if the basic disc that contains a part of mirrored volume fails.

B.   Data becomes unavailable and system can not operate if one of the disk fails.

C.   The failed disk can be replaced with another disc of same or larger size.

D.   The unused space of another disk can be used for creating new mirrored volume.

3: A print job has stopped printing and cannot be deleted. What is the best thing that can be done ?

A.   Pause the printer and resume it

B.   Stop the spooler and restart it

C.   Delete all files from spool directory

D.   Recreate the printer with the same name

E.   Pause the spooler and resume it 

4: What is the maximum number of disks that can be present in a Stripe set ?

A.   2

B.   3

C.   32

D.   64

E.   No limit 

5: A user is a member of two groups - Sales and Managers. For a folder ABC , Sales has read permission and Managers has no access. What is the effective permission for the user ?

A.   No Access

B.   Full control

C.   read

D.   change

E.   read write change and execute  

6: You have a new SCSI controller. After restarting the server you recieve an error that the dependency service failed to start. Where can you get additional information about the error ?

A.   Event viewer

B.   device.log

C.   Services option in control panel

D.   bootlg.txt

E.   Windows NT Diagnostics  

7: Which of the following is the netlogon share?

A.   winnt\system32\repl\import

B.   winnt\system32\repl\export

C.   winnt\system32\profiles

D.   winnt\system\scripts

E.   winnt\system32\repl\netlogon  

8: Which layer handles the encryption and compression of data ?

A.   Transport

B.   Session

C.   Presentation

D.   Network

E.   Data Link

9: How many extended partitions can a disk have ?

A.   One

B.   Three

C.   Two

D.   Four

E.   As many as you wish  

10: What is the difference between CHAP and MS-CHAP RAS Encryption Protocols ?

A.   CHAP is used over SLIP connections

B.   MS CHAP enables data encryption

C.   CHAP is a plain text encryption scheme

D.   MS CHAP is used over SLIP connections

E.   CHAP and MS CHAP are the same protocols

11: In order to perform replication, a user must be a member of which of the following groups?

A.   Administrator and Power Users

B.   Administrator and Backup Operators

C.   Replicator and Administrator

D.   Replicator and Power Users

E.   Replicator and Backup operators

12: How can you recover the data in case one of the hard disks in a stripe set with parity fails ?

A.   Data cannot be recovered

B.   Break the stripe set and recover the data

C.   Choose regenerate from the fault tolerance menu after replacing the failed hard disk

D.   Restore the data from a backup

E.   Use third party software to restore the data  

13: Which of the following represents Disk Duplexing ?

A.   Raid -0

B.   Raid -1

C.   Raid -2

D.   Raid -3

E.   Raid -5

A.   Repeater

B.   Bridge

C.   Router

D.   Modem

E.   Gateway  

15: Which of the following can be a Domain master browser ?

A.   Windows NT Server (PDC)

B.   Windows NT Server (BDC)

C.   Windows NT Workstation

D.   Either PDC or BDC

E.   Any Windows NT machine can become Domain master browser 

16: Which of the following utilities is used to create an answer file ?

A.   Setup Manager

B.   Network Client Administrator

C.   Windiff

D.   sysdiff

E.   Server Manager

17: what should be done if you have excessive paging activity ?

A.   Increase pagefile.sys

B.   Add more RAM

C.   Decrease pagefile .sys

D.   Add new processor

E.   Add new hard disk controller  

18: Three LANs are to be connected with one network having a mainframe running token ring. What WAN technology will you use?

A.   X.25


C.   T1

D.   T3

E.   ATM  

19: Which of the following is not a routable protocol ?



C.   Netbeui

D.   Appletalk

E.   NWLink  

20: How can you create an ERD that has information about the SAM database in it

A.   An ERD cannot have information about SAM Database

B.   Use rdisk /sam

C.   Use rdisk /s

D.   Use network manager to create ERD

E.   Use makebt32.exe command 

21: You can quickly find any file, folder, or program using ____.

A.   Address bar

B.   Storage space

C.   Windows Search

D.   USB flash drive