Yola MCQs

Yola MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Yola MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Yola by answering these 90+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: Can video files be uploaded directly to Yola?

A.   No. They must be compressed into .zip format first.

B.   No. They must be uploaded to YouTube, or MetaCafe, then added to Yola.

C.   No. They have to be compressed into .tar format first.

D.   No. They must be recoded into .MKV format first.

2: To learn the basics of Yola yourself which support tool is best?

A.   In House support

B.   Web searching

C.   Email Support

D.   Tutorials

3: Can you click directly on your web page and type out text you wish to be displayed on your website?

A.   Yes. All programs automatically format text for you.

B.   Yes. All text is backwards compatible.

C.   Yes. All text is universally formatted.

D.   No. The text widget must be drag and dropped into your page.

4: What is the primary function of Yola?

A.   ISP provider

B.   Fan site

C.   Website Builder

D.   Blog

5: What does Yola use Wufuu for?

A.   Wufuu is used to zip media files.

B.   Yola does not use Wufuu for anything.

C.   Yola is a form generator embedded in Wufuu.

D.   Wufuu is an integrated form builder providing forms for Yola.

6: How does a Yola user know that their style supports custom banner images?

A.   It is written in the description of the style.

B.   Users have to learn by trial and error.

C.   Styles don't support custom banners in Yola.

D.   When they mouseover the image, a blue dialogue box appears with “Edit Banner Image” displayed.

7: When using Yola, is there a style that is already implemented when your website is finished?

A.   No. No styles are included in Yola.

B.   Yes. It is ready as soon as you begin using the Yolo Sitebuilder.

C.   No. Yola does include styles, but they must be implemented first.

D.   No. They must be purchased separately.

8: How is a Google+ Badge useful in Yola?

A.   It helps you connect your site to your Google+ page.

B.   It protects your website from threats from piracy.

C.   It indicates that your website is secure.

D.   It isolates it from the rest of the Internet.

9: How do you upload a file to Yola?

A.   Go to Site > Content > File Manager, and click the Upload Files button.

B.   Go to File Manager, and click the Upload Files button.

C.   Right-click > select “upload”

D.   File > Upload > Select file > Enter

10: How do you change your style layout from the default layout provided?

A.   Change it in the page source.

B.   Change it in the CSS file.

C.   It can't be changed.

D.   Click on Page > Layout to see the options.

11: If you needed to change the settings of a widget after setting up your e-commerce site, how would it be done?

A.   Go to the Edit Widget menu.

B.   On the top left side of the widget, select “Edit”.

C.   Go to the Widget Settings drop-down box.

D.   Go to the Edit Widget tab.

12: How does one copy a page?

A.   Edit > Copy > Ctrl+V.

B.   Select the page you wish to copy. > Page tab. > Save Page As.

C.   Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V

D.   Copy and paste it.

13: How does a Yola user edit a banner?

A.   Banners must be deleted, then reinstalled.

B.   Click on the blue “Edit Banner Image” dialogue box and select “Change Image”

C.   Right-click, and select “edit” from the menu.

D.   Banners cannot be edited.

14: To view templates of sample Yola accounts visit which page?

A.   Pricing

B.   Site Gallery

C.   Help Center

D.   Features

15: How do you copy and paste text from your word processor into a text widget?

A.   Copy and paste it directly.

B.   Copy and paste special.

C.   It is not advised to do this because it could destroy your website.

D.   Paste it within quotes.

16: Drag and Drop widgets can be used in which plans?

A.   Yola Bronze

B.   Yola Gold

C.   All of these

D.   Yola Silver

17: What must you drag to your page to fill it with content?

A.   Images.

B.   Widgets based on the content you wish to add.

C.   Content-based gadgets.

D.   Music.

18: Users will get these programs with an upgrade?

A.   Google Chrome

B.   Facebook

C.   Google Adwords and Facebook Credits

D.   Google Adsense

19: Which service level offers unlimited bandwidth and automatic SEO monitoring?

A.   Yola Gold

B.   Hola Bronze

C.   Yola Free

D.   Yola Silver

A.   No, they are competitors and are banned from Yola websites

B.   Yes!

C.   It depends on if you want someone to "Like" your post, or sign in to your website with their facebook account

D.   Twitter's coding is not supported on Yola

A.   Change it in the “Edit” menu.

B.   The order cannot be changed.

C.   Page > Page Properties > Navigation, drag it to the desired location, click OK.

D.   Change the number along side their encoding in the HTML source code.

22: Can I add pictures to my website?

A.   It depends on the size and file type

B.   No, the only pictures you can add to your website are in the Yola picture library

C.   Yes, you can upload pictures by using the Yola File Manager

23: Yola Bronze includes what Premium Support features?

A.   Unlimited Conference calling

B.   Only email support

C.   Phone and Email support

D.   Only phone support

24: All packages include phone support except:

A.   Yola Silver

B.   Yola Free

C.   Yola Premiere

D.   Yola Bronze

25: A yearly package includes which of the following?

A.   Discounts, a free custom .com, 1 year of private registration

B.   A free custom .com, 2 months of private registration

C.   No Discounts, 2 years of private registration

D.   Discounts, 6 months of private registration

26: Where must you click to create a new page?

A.   The New Page Bar.

B.   The New Page Widget.

C.   The green “+” symbol.

D.   The “New Page” symbol.

27: What ability does the HTML Code Widget give to Yola?

A.   It screens widgets based on faulty code.

B.   It limits the amount of widgets available to Yola via their ranking.

C.   It allows you to find faults in the factory-shipped encoding that Yola is comprised of.

D.   It allows users to implement every kind of widget available on the web.

28: What must be true about all of the products you feature on a Yola e-commerce site?

A.   They must all be the same weight.

B.   They must all have unique titles and descriptions.

C.   They must all have the same serial number.

D.   They must all have unique product codes.

29: How much coding is necessary to set up a social media button?

A.   It requires basic html to configure it correctly.

B.   None. It only requires finding, copying, and pasting the code into a Yola widget.

C.   It requires a medium level of coding to embed the buttons.

D.   It requires advanced coding to be sure it is linked to the correct media site.

30: Does Yola offer a website design service?

A.   No

B.   Yes, with no editing access

C.   Yes, with full editing access

D.   Yes, for free

31: How do I delete an unwanted website that I created?

A.   Ask the gnomes that live in your computer to take the website down

B.   Go to the "Site Manager" page and scroll to the bottom where it says "delete"

C.   Simply erase all the text that you have entered into the website template

D.   You cannot delete a website once it has gone live

32: You won't get a Yola subdomain with which service level?

A.   Yola Free

B.   Yola Bronze

C.   None of these

D.   Yola Silver

33: How can I get email through my website domain?

A.   You cannot. You must give out your personal email address in order for people to contact you

B.   You will need to have a custom domain in order to use Yola Mail. This feature is available on Yola Silver

C.   You can link your website to your gmail in order to mimic the yola.com email address

34: From which country is Yola's founding team?

A.   Australia

B.   South Africa

C.   England

D.   Canada

35: How does one adjust their CSS styles in Yola?

A.   There is no way to adjust your CSS code.

B.   Go to Sitebuilder, Site > Content > Site CSS.

C.   Yola does not use CSS code.

D.   Look for the file in the source code and adjust it accordingly.

36: How can I tell how much traffic is going to my website?

A.   You must download Google analytics in order to see online traffic

B.   Yola doesn't offer an analytics service

C.   Yola provides analytics for your website under the My Yola! tab

D.   You can never really track how much traffic is landing on your website

37: If you needed to add a single image to your website, what tool would you use?

A.   The Picture Widget.

B.   Maintenance Widget.

C.   Website Widget.

D.   Content Widget.

38: Yola partners with which of the following companies to offer customer support?

A.   Suggestion Box

B.   UserEcho

C.   UserVoice

D.   Get Satisfaction

39: Yola can be used to edit all but the which of these?


B.   Web GL

C.   CSS

D.   Javascript

40: Yola SEO services include all but the following?

A.   SEO report keyword usage

B.   SEO scan

C.   SEO report keyword traffic

D.   Likes

A.   Yes.

B.   No. Files are handled separately due to network safety concerns.

C.   No. Files cannot be linked in Yola.

D.   No. The links must be edited manually.

42: Site statistics will most help you do the following?

A.   Tailor your business site

B.   Build an effective marketing strategy

C.   Monitor sign ups

D.   See how many visitors you have

43: Which of these is not a Yola service level?

A.   Yola Free

B.   Yola Gold

C.   Yola Bronze

D.   Yola Platinum

44: How do you change the formatting of copied text so it will not break your website?

A.   Delete any white space.

B.   Use the Text Editing Toolbar.

C.   Paste it within quotes.

D.   Paste it within brackets.

45: Premium style templates are available for which service levels?

A.   Free & Gold

B.   Bronze and Silver

C.   Silver and Gold

D.   Silver and Free

46: Which of the following is one of Yola's PayPal e-commerce Widgets?

A.   Donation Collection Widget

B.   Accounting Widget.

C.   SEO Widget.

D.   Money Widget.

47: Does Yola require lead time to cancel an account?

A.   No, email Yola any time

B.   Yes, email Yola 1 month prior to cancellation

C.   Yes, call Yola 2 weeks prior to cancellation

D.   Yes, calll Yola 1 month prior to cancellation

48: Professional Photos are included in which service levels?

A.   All levels

B.   Yola Silver and Yola Gold

C.   All but Yola Free

D.   Just Yola Gold

49: Are Yola users allowed to upload their customized styles or templates?

A.   Yes. Yola encourages personal expression in the form of code.

B.   Yes, and it makes it even easier to implement since Yola contains the Google Code Widget.

C.   No. Although, Yola offers a wide variety of free and Premium styles to suit users needs.

D.   Yes. Though, they must follow specific parameters.

50: Yola will register your website in all but which domain suffix?

A.   .be

B.   .com

C.   .biz

D.   .net