Manufacturing Engineering MCQs

Manufacturing Engineering MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Manufacturing Engineering MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Manufacturing Engineering by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: What is another name for AML?

A.   American Made List

B.   Approved manufacturer list

C.   American medical laboratory

D.   Association of Medical Laboratory Technologies

E.   Authorized Manufacturer list

2: What can AML Approved manufacturer list parts share?

A.   A parts bin with a specific part name

B.   A list of all part numbers

C.   A single part number

D.   A master list

E.   A single inventory bin

3: What is the name of the framework of procedures used to develop products in the automotive industry?


B.   PMI

C.   ISO

D.   Six Sigma

4: What are the procedures used to develop products in the automotive industry?

A.   ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification

B.   Six Sigma quality control

C.   Statistical process control

D.   APQP Advanced product quality planning

E.   Six Sigma black belt methodology

5: What does the acronym AVDL mean?

A.   All-Volksdorfer Damm

B.   Aircraft Weight and Balance Laboratory

C.   Air Vendor Data Link

D.   Approved vendor list

E.   Advanced vehicle diagnostics laboratory

6: What is an example of an item on the AVL?

A.   Asset list

B.   Approved vendor list

C.   Vendor registration form

D.   Vendor list

7: What is a type of subassembly?

A.   Component

B.   Assembly

C.   Subassemblies

D.   Module

8: What does a BOM include that represents different steps in the assembly process?

A.   Subassemblies

B.   Bill of materials

C.   Parts

D.   Packages

E.   Parts list

9: What does BOM stand for?

A.   Bottle of mineral water

B.   Buffer inventory

C.   Bottom-line expense

D.   Beginning of the month

E.   Bill of materials

10: What is the word for the hierarchy of a Bill of materials?

A.   System Level

B.   BOM Level

C.   Process Level

11: What is the name of the hierarchy of a BOM?

A.   Package

B.   BOM Type

C.   Family

D.   BOM Structure

E.   BOM Level

12: What is the place occupied by a part or assembly in the hierarchy of a BOM?

A.   Level

B.   Component

C.   Assembly

D.   Package

13: AutoCAD is made by which company?

A.   Hewlett-Packard

B.   Microsoft

C.   Apple

D.   Autodesk

14: What is the name of the system used to create physical designs?

A.   PLM

B.   CAD

C.   Computer aided drafting

D.   CNC

E.   3D printing

15: What does the acronym CAPA mean?

A.   Corrective action/protective action

B.   Committee on Accreditation of Professional Academic Programs

C.   Carbon accounting/issue

D.   Capacity evaluation and planning activity

E.   Capital acquisition program administration

16: What is the abbreviation for a good manufacturing practice?

A.   GMP


C.   QMS

D.   ISO

17: What is a good manufacturing practice concept?

A.   Six Sigma

B.   ISO 9000

C.   Just-in-time


18: What does CAR stand for?

A.   Cardiovascular exercise

B.   Carbon dioxide removal

C.   Corrective action request

D.   Carbon Adsorption and Reduction

E.   Canadian Automotive Research

19: What does the change management process involve?

A.   Creating, reviewing and gaining formal approval for engineering change requests, change orders and change notifications

B.   Coordinating with other business units to ensure compatibility of changes

C.   Ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the proposed changes and have an opportunity to provide feedback

D.   Preparing the ground for change by creating a change management plan

E.   Coordinating with team members and stakeholders to identify changes that need to be made and documenting those changes

20: What is the abbreviation for an engineering change notice?

A.   EAN

B.   ETC

C.   ECT

D.   ETP

E.   ECN

21: What is an example of an ECN?

A.   Electronic Communications Network

B.   Error correction code

C.   Extended contract

D.   Engineering change notice

E.   Eurobond

22: What acronym describes a supplier corrective action request?


B.   APR

C.   CAP

D.   CCP


23: What is a change request called when a failure occurs in the field?

A.   PLC

B.   SWC

C.   Request

D.   FFR

E.   Incident

24: What would a motor be in the lawn mower BOM example?

A.   An engine item

B.   A fuel item

C.   A motor

D.   A required item

E.   A child item

25: What is an item that appears in the BOM of another item called?

A.   A screwdriver

B.   A tool

C.   A child

D.   A screw

E.   A drill

26: A CM is hired by a company to make or assemble what?

A.   Its product

B.   To inspect the product or part of the product

C.   Its product or part of its product

D.   To recommend changes to the product or part of the product

27: What is a CM's purpose in a company?

A.   To provide consulting services to the company

B.   Manufacture or assemble its product or part of its product

C.   To oversee the day-to-day running of the business

D.   Administer its business

E.   Research and develop new products

28: Compliance refers to tracking whether or not a product complies with what?

A.   Whether or not a product is safe

B.   How much a company spends on researching and developing products

C.   The company's stated policies

D.   The customer's expectations

E.   Government-imposed regulations or a company’s self-imposed standards

29: Part 11 and 820 refer to which type of regulations?

A.   Financial regulations

B.   Medical device regulations

C.   Environmental regulations

D.   Vehicle safety regulations

E.   Food safety regulations

30: All of the following are examples of medical device regulations; which is the only one you didn't mention?

A.   21 CFR Part 820

B.   21 CFR Part 824

C.   21 CFR Part 820.3

31: Mark is a physical mark listed on a product or its packaging to show the product's compliance with which?

A.   A European Union requirement

B.   A specific requirement

C.   A general requirement

D.   A U.S. requirement

E.   A country of origin

32: Compliance Mark is listed on what to show compliance?

A.   Product or its packaging

B.   Documents related to the product

C.   Instructions for use

D.   Regulation

E.   Certifications or Approvals

33: What is a document change request also known as?

A.   DCR

B.   Document Control Request

C.   PRT

D.   PMR

E.   Document Change

34: What is a DCR also known as?

A.   Document change request

B.   Data control request

C.   Data change request

35: What is an example of a standard operating procedure?

A.   Standard Operating Procedure

B.   Protocol

C.   Procedure

D.   SOP

E.   Standard Operating Procedures

36: What type of files describe the design history of a finished medical device?

A.   PHS


C.   DHF

D.   CAD

E.   GDS

37: What kind of file is the DHF?

A.   Data history file

B.   Hexadecimal blob

C.   Design history file

D.   Configuration history file

38: What is a term that describes the investigations, corrective and preventive actions and details about how any complaints were addressed?

A.   CAPA records

B.   RTO reports

C.   PIP records

D.   Internal communication strategy

E.   Incident response plan

39: What does the CAPA stand for?

A.   Cargo Area Protection

B.   Capacity Analysis and Planning Association

C.   Carbonated Beverage Association

D.   Committee on Audit

E.   Corrective and Preventive Actions

40: What is the acronym for Device history record?

A.   ADR

B.   DHR

C.   DSR

D.   CRM

E.   DTR

41: What records describe investigations, corrective and preventive actions?

A.   CAPA records

B.   PROCESS records

C.   POLICY records

D.   Incident Reports

E.   Investigation Logs

42: What information does the DMR provide?

A.   The selection of a new production revision

B.   All information required to correctly build the current production revision of the device

C.   Information required to build all future revisions of the device

D.   The date and time of the next scheduled update

43: The DMR provides all information required to how do you think is done?

A.   Correctly export a manufacturing software project to a manufacturing line

B.   Downgrade to an earlier software version

C.   Modify the firmware of the device

D.   Correctly build the next production revision of the device

E.   Correctly build the current production revision of the device

44: What is a good example of a post processing requirement that may be included in a DM?

A.   Cleaning and sterilization requirements

B.   Security requirements

C.   Document management requirements

D.   Storage requirements

45: What is an example of a BOM that represents only the physical product being "engineered"?

A.   BOM for a software product

B.   BOM for a website

C.   EBOM Engineering bill of materials

D.   BOM for the product only

46: What does an EBOM represent only?

A.   Service

B.   Ticket

C.   Sale

D.   Physical product

47: What is an example of an ECAD tool?

A.   SketchUp

B.   Inkscape

C.   AutoCAD

D.   OrCAD

E.   Inventor

48: What is used by many companies to ensure their vendors are building the right thing?

A.   ISO

B.   TQM

C.   Standards

D.   Audits

E.   ECN

49: What is a formal ECN?

A.   Order entry

B.   Execution

C.   Error correction notice

D.   Engineering change notice

E.   Execution counter

50: What must be requested to make a change order?

A.   Material authorization

B.   Written proposal

C.   Work authorization

D.   Review and approval

E.   Initiation of a change