Communication (Intercultural & Global) MCQs

Communication (Intercultural & Global) MCQs

Answer these Communication (Intercultural & Global) MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Communication (Intercultural & Global).
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1: A live singing performance allows the audience to perceive ________ forms of communication.

A.   Verbal, body language, and verbal intonation as

B.   Only verbal

C.   Only nonverbal

D.   Facial expressions, and verbal intonation as

2: The ways in which a culture judges good or bad, or right or wrong is often determined by ______.

A.   Beliefs

B.   Culture

C.   Norms

D.   Values

3: Conference committees are ________ and negotiate differences between ________.

A.   Permanent; the House and the Senate

B.   Temporary; Democrats and Republicans

C.   Temporary; the majority and minority leaders

D.   Temporary; the House and the Senate

4: _________ provides the incumbent with an advantage.

A.   Greater visibility

B.   Closed primary

C.   States

D.   Electoral college

5: Cultural context is ____________________.

A.   The emphasis cultures place on eye contact

B.   The relative emphasis cultures place on nonverbal communication

C.   The emphasis cultures place on written verbal communication

D.   The emphasis cultures place on learning about other cultures

6: Different _____ can significantly impact what a company may or may not display from its servers.

A.   Payment mechanisms used in e-commerce

B.   Time zones across global regions

C.   National standards followed across nations

D.   Laws regarding free speech