Computer competency MCQs

Computer competency MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Computer competency MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Computer competency by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: What does PC stand for?

A.   Portable Computer

B.   All of the answers

C.   Personal Computer

D.   Powerful Computer

E.   None of the answers

2: Base64 is used to ...

A.   Cheat at computer games

B.   Represent ASCII data in binary

C.   Represent binary data in ASCII

D.   Make music writable to a CD

3: What is the keyboard shortcut to cut data to the clipboard?

A.   none

B.   Ctrl+C

C.   Ctrl+X

D.   Alt+C

E.   Ctrl+V

4: What is a Hard Copy?

A.   A shortcut icon on a desktop

B.   Data copied to a CD or DVD

C.   A printed document

D.   Data copied to a hard drive

5: True or False: If you have an "always on" broadband internet connection and use a router between the modem and your PC, you do not need to use anti-virus or firewall software to protect your PC

A.   False

B.   True

6: What are cookies?

A.   Delicious

B.   Computer viruses

C.   Personal browsing history

D.   Personally stored information

E.   Piece of data stored by a website within a browser

7: If a computer becomes unresponsive, which of the following is the best first step to resolve the problem?

A.   Call technical support

B.   Unplug the power source

C.   Attempt to open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) or Force Quit (Cmd + Opt + Esc)

D.   Do a hard reset by holding the power button for 5 seconds

8: Which method is NOT a way to connect to a network?

A.   Using a USB Flash Drive

B.   Using an Ethernet cable

C.   Using a dial-up modem

D.   Wirelessly

9: What does the abbreviation FTP stand for?

A.   fast typing process

B.   file type placement

C.   file timing process

D.   file transfer protocol

E.   file transmission procedure

10: What is "QWERTY?"

A.   A style of font with only UPPERCASE lettering

B.   A style of organizing folders by size rather than alphabetically

C.   A style of arranging desktop shortcuts and icons by date

D.   A style of keyboard with the first six letters on the upper left being Q, W, E, R, T, and Y

11: Which of the following are considered I/O devices?

A.   Keyboard

B.   Mouse

C.   Monitor

D.   Printer

E.   All of these are

12: By default what is the name of the system drive on Windows?

A.   E:

B.   C:

C.   D:

D.   A:

13: What Does HTML Stand For

A.   Hyper Truck Mega Loop

B.   Hot Tabbing Medium Lag

C.   Hewlett Type Matrix Log

D.   Hard Text Mask Language

E.   Hyper Text Mark Up Language

14: What is a search engine?

A.   A social media term

B.   A type of train

C.   A website that assists with locating content related to one's query

D.   Software development

15: Which of these is an Anti-Virus Software manufacturer?


B.   Emorf

C.   McAfee

D.   AGI-Plan

16: To move a copy of a file from one computer to another over a communications channel is called...

A.   file compression

B.   file transfer

C.   file encryption

D.   terminal emulation

17: What does GUI stand for?

A.   Gigabytes Under Intense Usage

B.   Graphics Used In

C.   Game User Interface

D.   Graphical User Interface

E.   Geological Umbrella Insurance

18: TRUE or false: Windows 8 is an operating system.


B.   false

19: Which of the following is a correct format of Email address?


B.   sales@website@info



20: What is the most common meaning of RAM?

A.   Random Access Memory

B.   Reading Acceleration Machine

C.   Real Audio Movie

D.   Remote Administration Module

E.   Remote Access Manager

21: What does ROM stand for?

A.   root owner mode

B.   read-other memory

C.   read-only memory

D.   re-order memory

22: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access are all part of a suite of apps called ________.

A.   Apple iOffice.

B.   Microsoft Work.

C.   Microsoft Office.

D.   Apple iWork.

E.   Microsoft Business.

23: Which of the following files is an image file?

A.   smarterer.jpg

B.   smarterer.xls

C.   smarterer.exe

D.   smarterer.doc

24: HTML means...

A.   HoT MaiL

B.   High Temperature Materials Laboratory

C.   How To Make Love

D.   HyperText Markup Language

E.   How to Make Laughs

25: Which of these is an internet browser?

A.   Microsoft Access

B.   Preview

C.   Mozilla Firefox

D.   Cartographer

26: What term is most associated with the style of lettering?

A.   Fields

B.   Texture

C.   Font

D.   Looks

27: Windows, MacOSX and Linux are examples of what?

A.   Operating Systems

B.   Computing Systems

C.   Server Software

D.   Office Applications

28: What does RAM stand for?

A.   Realtime-Access Memory

B.   Random-Access Memory

C.   Real-Allocation Memory

D.   Random-Allocation Memory

A.   Fastlink

B.   Superlink

C.   Hyperlink

D.   Linker

30: What are the physical components of a computer called?

A.   Software

B.   Ethernet

C.   Hardware

D.   Servers

31: How many "Bits" make a "Byte?"

A.   2

B.   8

C.   10

D.   6

E.   4

32: A printer is considered what kind of device?

A.   A memory device

B.   A selection device

C.   An output device

D.   An input device

33: What are these generally called? :-) ;-) :-/ :-D

A.   Emotiltalics

B.   Melements

C.   Emoticons

D.   Emomusic

34: Which is the safest way to shut down your computer?

A.   Press ctrl-alt-delete

B.   Select "shut down" from the start/finder menu.

C.   Press and hold the power button.

35: Which one of the following is not an Operating System?

A.   OS2

B.   Windows

C.   Linux

D.   Word Perfect

36: What's the name of the big "box" that contains the circuits that the computer needs to read and process programs?

A.   CPU

B.   HLC

C.   KKA

D.   EER

E.   RMA

37: Which software would you use to compare test scores to find the average?

A.   Word

B.   Powerpoint

C.   Excel

D.   Skype

38: What is the primary function of a modem?

A.   Processing

B.   Network Connectivity

C.   Holding all the Parts (The tower)

D.   Extending WiFi Range

E.   Storage

39: Computers process data using binary digits. What are the two digits that make up binary code?

A.   0,1

B.   -1,1

C.   0,-1

40: What is a "GUI?"

A.   Graphic Underscan Interface

B.   Graphical User Interface

C.   Guide to Using the Internet

D.   Gigabyte User Intelligence

41: Which of these devices is NOT used to store information?

A.   All of these devices can be used to store information.

B.   An external hard drive

C.   A rewritable DVD

D.   An internal hard drive

E.   A USB Flash drive

42: What does BIOS stand for?

A.   Basic Input Output System

B.   Backup Inside Our System

C.   Basic Inside Outside Service

D.   Basic Instruction Output System

A.   client

B.   main frame

C.   minicomputer

D.   server

44: What Is Stand for ROM?

A.   Ram Only Memory

B.   Random Only Memory

C.   Rapid Only Memory

D.   Read Only Memory

E.   Ranks Of Memory

45: What does WWW stand for

A.   Web World Wide

B.   World Web Wide

C.   Wide Web World

D.   World Wide Web

E.   Web Wide World

46: What is an algorithm?

A.   A stock market checker

B.   A piece of code that takes a input and produces a output

C.   A powerful calculator

D.   A form of computer virus

47: Which of these is a program in Microsoft Office?

A.   Google Docs

B.   Text Edit

C.   PowerPoint

D.   Windows 7

E.   Internet Explorer

48: Which of the following is a word processing program?

A.   WordPerfect

B.   Word

C.   All

D.   Notepad

E.   WordPad

49: What is the standard US keyboard layout commonly referred to?



C.   Line-Key Input

D.   Mirror Map

50: From the Task Manager on Windows systems, what is the command that closes a program?

A.   Halt Process

B.   Suspend Program

C.   End Task

D.   Force Quit

E.   Exit Application