English Language MCQs

English Language MCQs

Our experts have gathered these English Language MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of English Language by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: Which of these is the correct answer?

A.   I have to go to work at 7 o'clock.

B.   I have to go to work at 7 oh clock.

2: Complete the following sentence by choosing the phrase with the best word order from the options given. The excited children, who had run toward the loud ______

A.   music, told the others about the ice cream truck outside

B.   ice cream truck to tell the others about the music outside

C.   music, are telling to the others about the ice cream truck outside

D.   music and then told the others about the ice cream truck outside

3: The judges considered his opinion to be myopic. What other word could replace the word "myopic"?

A.   Shortsighted

B.   Expert

C.   Ludicrous

D.   Longsighted

4: Which is an example of an onomatopoeia?

A.   Aromatic

B.   Sautéing

C.   Peppercorn

D.   Barbecue

E.   Sizzle

5: Past Tense of sentence "The barber cuts the hair".

A.   The barber cut the hair.

B.   The barber would have cut the hair.

C.   The barber had cut the hair.

D.   The barber has cut the hair.

E.   The barber used to cut the hair.

6: What is the plural of SHEEP?

A.   sheep's

B.   sheeps

C.   sheeze

D.   sheep

E.   sheeps'

7: We watched the _____________ of the sun while _____________ on a park bench.

A.   settling; sitting

B.   set; sit

C.   sitting; setting

D.   sets; sits

E.   setting; sitting

8: Which of these best describes writing in the "first person"?

A.   A story written about characters, but with no insight into their internal thoughts or motives

B.   A story from the perspective of a specific character, using the word "I"

C.   A story where the narrator "knows all" with regard to every character and their motives

D.   A real life story, with characters based or inspired by true events

E.   A story written for children and aimed at beginner readers

9: We have _____ money left. We can't afford this ring.

A.   plenty

B.   little

C.   small

D.   few

10: The special _____ in the show have greatly ______ my impression of its quality.

A.   effects; affected

B.   affects; effected

C.   affects; affected

D.   effects; effected

11: This is my ___ dress.

A.   mother's-in-law

B.   mothers-in-law

C.   mother-in-law's

D.   mother-in-laws

12: This book is surely worth ___ .

A.   read

B.   to read

C.   to be reading

D.   reading

13: If you had advised me earlier...

A.   ... I wouldn't make this mistake.

B.   ... I wouldn't be made this mistake.

C.   ... I wouldn't have made this mistake.

D.   ... I wouldn't made this mistake.

14: Mom said she wants only one ____, but I would like four _____ with my dinner.

A.   potato, potatos

B.   potatoes, potato

C.   potatos, potato

D.   potato, potatoes

E.   potato, potato

15: Which answer is worded correctly?

A.   If I am you, I would go to the library to pick up the book.

B.   If I was you, I would go to the library to pick up the book.

C.   If I'm you, I would go to the library to pick up the book.

D.   If I were you, I would go to the library to pick up the book.

16: All countries would like to avoid __________ war.

A.   neuclear

B.   nucular

C.   nuclear

D.   nuclaer

E.   neucular

17: The reporter kept ________ me, so I decided ________ the interview.

A.   interrupt; leaving

B.   interrupting; to leave

C.   interrupt; going to leave

D.   interrupting; leaving

E.   interrupt; to leave

18: If I _______ about the test, I would have studied for it.

A.   new

B.   had known

C.   will know

D.   would know

19: Complete the following sentence: "What will happen ..."

A.   ... if she fails the exam?

B.   ...if she failing the exam?

C.   ... if she would fail the exam?

D.   ... if she had failed the exam?

20: I _____________ for a long time about the movie I watched last month.

A.   talking

B.   said

C.   thinking

D.   think

E.   thought

21: I ___ of money, that is why I will not go to the cinema.

A.   lost

B.   went

C.   caught

D.   ran out

E.   got

22: You ___ come.

A.   shouldn't of

B.   cant

C.   shouldn't have

D.   shouldnt have

23: What is a verb?

A.   A descriptive word

B.   A person, place, thing, or idea.

C.   A word that conveys action, occurrence, or state of being.

D.   A type of article

24: The flowers need to be

A.   weather.

B.   water it.

C.   waters.

D.   watering.

E.   watered.

25: Which example is grammatically correct?

A.   Y'all invited to attend my party.

B.   You are invited to attend my party.

C.   Y'all is invited to attend my party.

D.   You all invited to attend my party.

E.   You all is invited to attend my party.

26: What ___ they ___ to you?

A.   did, do

B.   do, does

C.   did, does

D.   does, do

27: What's the opposite of 'optimistic'?

A.   opportunistic

B.   pessimistic

C.   enthusiastic

D.   fantastic

E.   artistic

28: Give this to him, ___ give that to her.

A.   than

B.   then

29: "It's raining cats and dogs." means:

A.   The rain is scaring cats and dogs.

B.   The rain is very light.

C.   The rain is falling with cats and dogs.

D.   The rain is luring cats and dogs.

E.   The rain is falling very hard.

30: Can this camera ___ good photos?

A.   perform

B.   do

C.   take

D.   make

31: Mr. Miller _______ own a car.

A.   do not

B.   don't

C.   doesnt

D.   doesn't

32: That's the silliest thing I've ever __________.

A.   seed

B.   have seen

C.   saw

D.   seen

33: I am ____ than you.

A.   most smart

B.   smartest

C.   more smart

D.   smarterer

E.   smarter

34: Which is the correct usage of the word "too"?

A.   There are pears. There are apples, too.

B.   There is one pear and a bunch of oranges. There are too apples.

35: Andina is ___ girl in her college.

A.   the more beautiful

B.   the beautifullest

C.   prettier

D.   the most beautiful

E.   beautifuller

36: What is the plural form of WOMAN?

A.   ladies

B.   women

C.   womyns

D.   womens

E.   womans

37: "Could I ________ your pen?"

A.   borrow

B.   lent

C.   to lend

D.   borrowed

38: Yesterday she ___________ me a funny story about her new puppy.

A.   said

B.   tolled

C.   tell

D.   telled

E.   told

39: In _______ opinion, do you think _______ the best at this test?

A.   your; yore

B.   yore; you're

C.   your; you're

D.   you're; yore

E.   you're; your

40: ___ one do you like best?

A.   What

B.   Who

C.   That

D.   Which

41: "I'm going to the store," says Sally. Tim replies, "Oh, please get napkins while ____ out."

A.   your

B.   yore

C.   ur

D.   you're

42: Which sentence reads correctly?

A.   We went to they house

B.   We went to there house.

C.   We went to they're house.

D.   We went to thems house.

E.   We went to their house.

43: Past tense of "run"?

A.   ron

B.   runs

C.   ran

D.   runned

44: Do you know _____ way they went?

A.   witch

B.   wich

C.   which

45: ___ did this?

A.   Whom

B.   Who

46: We ___________ a nice dinner for our friends last night.

A.   make

B.   maid

C.   made

D.   making

47: What is _____ name?

A.   you are

B.   your

C.   you're

48: You should ___ turned left.

A.   of

B.   have

49: "Can't" is a contraction for:

A.   Cannot

B.   Can it

C.   Both

50: He went with ___ to visit my friend.

A.   I

B.   I'll

C.   I'm

D.   me