Writing Management and Business Research MCQs

Writing Management and Business Research MCQs

Answer these Writing Management and Business Research MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Writing Management and Business Research.
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1: With regard to the role of structure when writing up research, which one is NOT true?

A.   It enables the author to communicate with the reader.

B.   It helps the reader to see where the author is going.

C.   It provides a map for the author when writing.

D.   It automatically speeds up the process of research.

2: Which one is NOT necessarily true? Reports written for clients should ______.

A.   Always provide a detailed scientific backing for recommendations

B.   Avoid being too prescriptive about what the client should do

C.   Show evidence of how the research questions evolved through interaction with the client

D.   Start the report by highlighting the recommendations and conclusions

3: The main section headings in dissertations include ______.

A.   Research questions

B.   Data

C.   Research findings

D.   Impact

4: Which one of the following statements about writing style is NOT wrong?

A.   When reviewing the literature it is important to describe each paper separately, and sequentially to avoid confusion.

B.   The author(s) should always write in the third person to indicate impartiality.

C.   In writing up the literature review the authors should focus exclusively on what is wrong with previous work.

D.   There are many different styles, and authors should try to adapt to the expectations of their readers.

5: Which of the following does NOT constitute plagiarism?

A.   Copying another person's work without acknowledgement

B.   Buying material from professional writers

C.   Discussing ideas with colleagues before including them in your written document

D.   Copying material from other sources and just rewording it slightly (no quotation marks needed)

E.   All of these

6: Which of the following should NOT be included in a methods section?

A.   Overview of research design and methods

B.   Literature review

C.   Ethical considerations

D.   Quality criteria and limitations

7: The most important function of a discussion chapter is to ______.

A.   Present findings

B.   Highlight opportunities for future research

C.   Summarise the project and its outcomes

D.   Interpret findings in relation to the literature

8: A good style in academic writing is characterised by ______.

A.   Long and complex sentences

B.   Jargon

C.   Use of passive tense

D.   None of these

9: A journal's impact factor ______.

A.   Indicates the journal’s impact on management practice

B.   Is based on the assessment of the journal by an expert panel

C.   Is calculated by counting the number of times the journal is cited in the top ten journals

D.   Is calculated by dividing citations to recent articles by number of recent articles

10: The structure of the poem "tattoo" by gregg shapiro can be described best as __________.

A.   Free verse

B.   Not A, probably D.

C.   Imagery

D.   Survivor's guilt