Communicating for Service MCQs

Communicating for Service MCQs

These Communicating for Service multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Communicating for Service. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 20+ Communicating for Service MCQs.
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1: Big data is a massive volume of ________ data that is so large as to make traditional approaches to its analysis difficult or even impossible.

A.   Structured

B.   Unstructured

C.   Both a & b

D.   None of these

2: Cross-sell using an interaction with a guest who has come to the organization for one service as an opportunity to sell the guest another product or service.

A.   True

B.   False

3: Data analytics is a ________ that uses statistical analyses to search large datasets for useful information to support decision[-]making.

A.   Small automated process

B.   Automated process

C.   Largely automated process

D.   None of these

4: Daily count is an information system after a relatively short period of time and based on a combination of actual count .

A.   True

B.   False

5: DSS stands for ________ .

A.   Data Structure systems

B.   Data Services systems

C.   Digital Signal systems

D.   Decision support systems

6: A formula for calculating the optimum reorder size (number of units) of an item once the reorder point is reached is known as _______ .

A.   Economic ordering quantity (EOQ) modal

B.   Quantity model

C.   Both a & b

D.   None of these

7: Information overload generally refers to a tendency of information systems.

A.   True

B.   False

8: A system, often computerized, designed to get the right information to the right person in the right format at the right time is known as _______ .

A.   Information overload

B.   Information system

C.   Integrated information system

D.   Managing information

9: A system designed to bring together diverse sources of organizational information to enable managerial decisions is known as _________ .

A.   Information overload

B.   Information system

C.   Integrated information system

D.   Managing information

10: Managing information is a system to get the right information to the right person in the right format at the right time .

A.   Information overload

B.   Information system

C.   Integrated information system

D.   Managing information

11: The idea that the organization itself should be considered as and structured as an integrated information network or system is known as ________ .

A.   Information overload

B.   Organization as an information system

C.   Integrated information system

D.   Managing information

12: Which techniques can capture the information content of textual sources for use in business intelligence, exploratory data analysis, research, or investigation ?

A.   Information overload

B.   Information system

C.   Integrated information system

D.   Text analytics

13: Adam is a customer at a new restaurant and bar where they specialize in IPA beers. He receives the beer list, looks, and feels overwhelmed. Instead of the server asking Adam if he had any questions about the beer list, he just asks what drink he would want. Adam, being overwhelmed and frustrated, opts for a soda instead. This is an example of

A.   Poor menu management

B.   Customer dissatisfaction

C.   Service failure

D.   Managing information

14: What is information overload?

A.   When something goes wrong in the data analytics process.

B.   Tendency of an information system to produce and transmit too much data.

C.   When the information system shuts down because there is too much data for it to handle.

D.   Tendency of information to require a lot of storage space in a computer system.

15: A good illustration of a sophisticated information and decision system properly used is that developed by ______?

A.   Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts International

B.   Starbucks Seattle

C.   Sysco’s FreshPoint in Orlando

D.   Olive Garden Corporate

16: An economic ordering quantity model is

A.   A formula calculating how much a company should order based on time of year and need

B.   A formula calculating how much money the total order will be

C.   A formula calculating when the company should reorder specific products

D.   A formula calculating the optimum reorder size

17: What is an Integrated Information System?

A.   A system that informs employees about guests arriving

B.   A system that is used to see competitors’ room rates

C.   A system designed to bring together numerous diverse sources

D.   A system designed to book appointments on site and save them all into the same calendar

A.   Cost

B.   Service setting

C.   Service staff

D.   Geographical area

19: The service environment provides which of the following?

A.   Information on guest’s personal information

B.   Information on employees’ records

C.   Locations on site where people like to go based on customer feedback

D.   Locations of various points of interest

20: Which of the following is NOT a source of information that is available to guests to help evaluate a hospitality experience before they decide to have it?

A.   Kayak

B.   Amazon

C.   Trip Advisor

D.   Expedite

21: What guest database does The Ritz-Carlton hotels use?

A.   MyResort

B.   ByRequest

C.   Mystique

D.   My-RC Experience

22: In restaurants, to improve freshness, the information system can improve service delivery by including?

A.   Pictures of the food

B.   Lists of ingredients

C.   List of supplies

D.   Labels with day-dots

23: Every employee phone at the ______ hotels has a caller ID system that allows any employee to greet the caller by name when answering the phone.

A.   Marriott

B.   Four Seasons

C.   Ritz-Carlton

D.   Hyatt

24: What hospitality organization was confronted about customers’ dissatisfaction because overbooking?

A.   United Airlines

B.   Holiday Inn Express

C.   Southwest Airlines

D.   Marriott Hotels

25: Which is an example of behind-the-scenes high-tech and high-touch technology?

A.   Having an iPad in every guest room for guests to use like a phone

B.   Having a key pad to get into a guest room instead of a room key

C.   Having microchips on room service food carts that alert staff to remove the dirty carts from the hallway

D.   Having a room service speed dial on the hotel phone

26: Which system was developed to ensure that orders are entered in proper sequence?

A.   Cross-sell system

B.   Point of sale system

C.   Daily count system

D.   Point of service system

27: Which system has the capability of responding to information, choosing between alternatives, and either making or helping make a decision?

A.   Automatic reply system

B.   Point of service system

C.   Automatic support system

D.   Decision support system