Guest Experience MCQs

Guest Experience MCQs

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1: An environment in which guests are expected to be unfamiliar with the setting is known as ________ .

A.   Information-lean environment

B.   Information-rich environment

C.   Assessment center

D.   None of these

2: Information-rich environment is an environment in which guests are expected to be familiar with the setting or have few ________ to make.

A.   Choices

B.   Decisions

C.   Both a & b

D.   None of these

3: “The show” is disney terms for everyone and everything that interfaces or interacts with guests on a Disney property.

A.   True

B.   False

4: The organization and presentation of the guest experience around a unifying idea or theme is known as _______ .

A.   Theming

B.   Beliefs

C.   Norms

D.   Ritual

5: What brand uses the term “The Show”?

A.   Hilton

B.   Disney

C.   Marriott

D.   Six Flags

6: What term best describes “The organization and presentation of the guest experience around a unifying idea of theme”?

A.   Theming

B.   Moment of truth

C.   Marketing strategy

D.   Strategic planning

7: What is an example of a particularly potent environmental factor?

A.   Themes

B.   Music

C.   Architecture of building

D.   Grass and trees

8: What test may a guest use to evaluate a restaurant?

A.   Kitchen test

B.   Server test

C.   Rest Room test

D.   Chef test

9: Which of the following is a co-producer of service?

A.   Managers

B.   The CEO

C.   The competitors

D.   The employees

10: Regarding the value of the setting, what issues has become more important than ever?

A.   Breaking even and guest satisfaction

B.   Wait time and service delivery

C.   Safety and security

D.   Moment of truths and price points

11: Which of these makes up the first group of factors in the Servicescape model?

A.   The organizations slogan or catch phrase

B.   The condition of the staff

C.   The organization’s use of its space

D.   The attentiveness of servers

A.   Hotel

B.   Bar

C.   Restaurant

D.   Cruise Lines

13: Westin Hotels introduced what competitive advantage based on differentiating a functional component of a hotel?

A.   Free breakfast

B.   Free food in fridges in guest rooms

C.   “heavenly recliners” in every guest room

D.   “heavenly bed”

14: What may affect a guest’s mood when reacting to the perceived servicescape?

A.   Consistency of the experience

B.   Cleanliness

C.   Ease of finding one’s way around

D.   All of these

15: A person getting choked up when they walk onto campus for a college reunion is an example of what type of response to the servicescape?

A.   Physiologically

B.   Demographically

C.   Emotionally

D.   Cognitively

16: What is an example of an information-rich environment?

A.   Being a Hilton Honors rewards member for the past 10 years

B.   Knowing a lot about a cruise line

C.   Having a lot of money to travel

D.   Going to the same hotel chain 2 times in the past year

17: What is an example of an information-lean environment?

A.   Being a Marriott Rewards member for 2 years and keeping loyal to the Marriott brand

B.   Being a Dunkin Donuts rewards member

C.   Not traveling unless it is a necessity

D.   Going to a boutique hotel for the first time in a new city

18: What does the cognitive experience depend on?

A.   How smart the guests are

B.   How many times the guests have been there

C.   How much money the guest will be spending

D.   The knowledge brought into the experience

19: What are the two distinct elements of interest in emotional responses?

A.   Pleasure and displeasure

B.   Pleasure/displeasure and arousal

C.   Arousal and satisfaction

D.   Happiness and sadness