Developing the Hospitality Culture MCQs

Developing the Hospitality Culture MCQs

The following Developing the Hospitality Culture MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Developing the Hospitality Culture. We encourage you to answer these 20+  multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: A body of ideas or tenets believed to be or accepted as true is known as ________ .

A.   Theming

B.   Beliefs

C.   Norms

D.   Ritual

2: Norms are standards of behavior—spoken and unspoken, obvious and subtle—that define how members are expected to act while part of the organization.

A.   True

B.   False

3: Organizational culture is the totality of the organization’s socially transmitted ________ and behavior patterns.

A.   Beliefs

B.   Values

C.   Norms

D.   All of these

4: Ritual is a symbolic act performed to gain and maintain __________ within an organization.

A.   Membersh

B.   Identity

C.   Both a & b

D.   None of these

5: A physical object that has organizational significance or communicates an unspoken message is known as _______ .

A.   Membersh

B.   Identity

C.   Symbol

D.   None of these

6: Values used and promulgated within organizations to define for members ,what is right and wrong, preferred and not preferred.

A.   True

B.   False

7: What is the most important influence on any organizational culture?

A.   Behavior of CEO

B.   Behavior of employees

C.   Behavior of organizational leaders

D.   Revenue of company

8: What does a company’s culture do?

A.   Drives its reputation

B.   Drives its competition

C.   Drives revenue up

D.   Drives revenue down

9: Which of the following terms best describes a way of behaving, thinking, and acting that is learned and shared by the organization’s members?

A.   Niche market

B.   Competitive advantage

C.   Environment

D.   Organizational culture

10: When is culture a competitive advantage?

A.   Has value to its members, is unique, cannot be easily copied

B.   Appeals to everyone and is familiar

C.   Is always as expected

D.   It forces people of out their comfort zone

11: What best describes Theory Y managers and what they assume about their employees?

A.   Are lazy

B.   Will do just the bare minimum

C.   Are overachievers

D.   Intend on doing a good job

12: What do Theory X managers assume about employee motivation to work?

A.   Employees will work to their best ability

B.   Employees will solely be motivated by extrinsic rewards

C.   Employees will solely be motivated by intrinsic rewards

D.   Employees will not be motivated

13: What term is best used for “a body of ideas believed to be or accepted as true”?

A.   Norm

B.   Niche

C.   Values

D.   Beliefs

14: What is NOT an example of a norm in a traditional restaurant setting?

A.   The wait staff immediately knowing your party’s names

B.   Friendly staff

C.   Reasonably priced

D.   Cleanliness

15: What term is best used for “preferences for certain ideas, behaviors, and outcomes over others”?

A.   Beliefs

B.   Strategic marketing

C.   Norms

D.   Values

16: Which term defines “a standard of behaviors”?

A.   Standards

B.   Expectations

C.   Norms

D.   Values

17: Which of the following term best describes an habitual way organizational members act or think?

A.   Folkways

B.   Culture

C.   Rituals

D.   Mores

18: What is a subculture?

A.   A group of part-time or temporary employees

B.   A smaller group within a larger group that has similar values

C.   A cross-functional team engaged to evaluate a specific process or procedure

D.   A group of customers, all the same age

19: Which of the following is NOT a norm that the company Disney follows?

A.   A team member cannot be seen out of costume.

B.   Costumes can be transported around the park in large clear plastic bags.

C.   A cast member is not allowed to go in certain parts of the park depending on what character they are.

D.   A cast member cannot speak in their own voice while in costume.

20: Which term is used to describe “a symbolic act performed to gain and maintain membership”?

A.   Symbol

B.   Play

C.   Ritual

D.   Entertainment for guests

21: What brand was known for firing an employee on the spot for insulting a guest and showed all other chains what their values were when it came to guest services?

A.   Hilton

B.   Hyatt

C.   Marriott

D.   Holiday Inn