Endocrine System MCQs

Endocrine System MCQs

Answer these Endocrine System MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Endocrine System. Scroll below and get started!

1: Within the dermis of the skin, the ______ layer is superficial to the _____ layer.

A.   Reticular; epidermal.

B.   Papillary; reticular.

C.   Reticular; papillary.

D.   Papillary; epidermal

2: The _________ secretes growth hormone, which is also known as somatotropin.

A.   Posterior pituitary

B.   Anterior pituitary

C.   Hypothalamus

D.   Thyroid

3: The endocrine system works with the __________ to coordinate and regulate the body.

A.   Nervous system

B.   Respiratory system

C.   Both

4: Stress has a domino effect on a set of endocrine glands that are labeled the __________.

A.   Autonomic Nervous System

B.   Immune System

C.   Pathogen System

D.   Hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis

5: The target cells for the hormone acth are located in the _______.

A.   Posterior pituitary

B.   Anterior pituitary

C.   Adrenal cortex

D.   Hypothalamus

6: The telencephalon is ____________ to the diencephalon.

A.   Caudal

B.   Inferior

C.   Dorsal

D.   Posterior

7: The endocrine system is most accurately thought of as a _____ system.

A.   Neurotransmitter

B.   Hormonal

C.   Respiratory

D.   Cardiovascular

8: The reaction that is carried out by the enzyme catalase produces __________.

A.   H2O and CO2

B.   H2O and O2

C.   O2 and CO2

D.   H2O2

9: Negative feedback inhibition occurs when __________.

A.   Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) targets the anterior pituitary

B.   Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) causes the anterior pituitary to release thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)

C.   Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) targets the thyroid gland

D.   Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) targets the thyroid gland

E.   Thyroid hormone (TH) targets the anterior pituitary

10: Pancreatic juice does not contain __________.

A.   Bicarbonate ions

B.   Amylase

C.   Enteropeptidase

D.   Procarboxypeptidase.

11: The hypothalamus secretes a releasing hormone known as tsh-releasing hormone that _____.

A.   Keeps hormones at levels that maintain homeostasis

B.   Keeps hormones at high levels than homeostasis

C.   Keeps hormones at low levels homeostasis

D.   None of the above

12: The injection of tsh resulted in goiter in _______.

A.   The thyroidectomized rat

B.   The normal rat and the hypophysectomized

C.   The hypophysectomized rat

D.   The normal rat

13: Regulatory secretion of hormones would be associated with ________ at the transface of the golgi.

A.   Endosomes

B.   Lysosomes

C.   Clathrin-coated vesicles

D.   Non-clathrin vesicles

E.   Microsomes

14: In this experiment, optical density is measured using a _______.

A.   Spectrophotometer

B.   Microscope

C.   Thermocycler

D.   Caliper

15: The _______________ system prepares food for absorption into the bloodstream.

A.   Circulatory

B.   Intestines

C.   Endocrine

D.   Digestive

16: Response patterns in the endocrine system are particularly effective in __________.

A.   Coordinating cell tissue and organ activities on a sustained long-term basis

B.   The release of chemical neurotransmitters

C.   Crisis management

D.   Rapid short-term specific responses