First Aid MCQs

First Aid MCQs

Try to answer these First Aid MCQs and check your understanding of the First Aid subject. Scroll down and let's begin!

1: A key point in victim assessment is to conduct a ________.

A.   Primary check

B.   Genreral check

C.   None of these

2: In ________ bleeding, blood spurts up to several feet from the wound.

A.   Arterial

B.   Venous

C.   Capillary

D.   None of these

3: Reactions generally occur within ________ of the sting.

A.   A few minutes to 1 hour

B.   A few minutes

C.   1 hour

D.   A few seconds

4: It is important to immobilize an injured limb in order to __________.

A.   Prevent it from being injured further.

B.   Prevent infections.

C.   Slow the healing process

5: Soil _______ as a result of wildfires in grasslands.

A.   Degrades

B.   Increases

C.   Improves

D.   Habitat loss

6: An elastic bandage should be worn continuously for ________ hours.

A.   2 to 4

B.   6 to 8

C.   12 to 15

D.   18 to 24

7: Blood from ________ flows steadily or gushes.

A.   Arterial

B.   Veins

C.   Capillary

D.   Pressure

8: Avoid placing the aed pads ________ implantable devices.

A.   Above

B.   To the left of

C.   To the right of

D.   Directly over

9: Freezing cold injuries can occur whenever the air temperature is below ____f.

A.   16

B.   32

C.   52

D.   68

10: There are ____ ways to prevent accidental injuries in the home

A.   No

B.   Few

C.   Many

11: Some states engage in _____, despite officially denouncing terrorism.

A.   Sharing intelligence with nongovernmental militias

B.   State-sponsored terrorism

C.   Targeting specific groups for violence

D.   Democracy

12: A breathing rate below ________ requires rescue breathing.

A.   4-8 breathes/minute

B.   8-10 breathes/minute

C.   15-20 breathes/minute

D.   25-30 breathes/minute