Ergonomics MCQs

Ergonomics MCQs

Answer these Ergonomics MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Ergonomics. Scroll below and get started!

1: The height of a keyboard from the floor should normally be ____.

A.   130 to 28 inches

B.   26 to 28 inches

C.   26 to 33 inches

D.   26 to 23 inches

2: ____ is an example of following good ergonomic practices.

A.   Shopping around

B.   Adjusting the angle of a keyboard for comfort

C.   A consistent dress code

D.   Shielding electromagnetic emissions from power outlets

3: What is ergonomics?

A.   The study of physical exercise and fitness

B.   The design and arrangement of furniture and equipment in a workspace

C.   The science of mental health and well-being

D.   The study of human behavior in social environments

4: What is the primary goal of ergonomics?

A.   To maximize productivity in the workplace

B.   To ensure optimal comfort and efficiency while minimizing the risk of injury

C.   To promote creativity and innovation in workspaces

D.   To enforce strict regulations and standards for workplace safety

5: What is anthropometry in the context of ergonomics?

A.   The study of human behavior and interactions in the workplace

B.   The design of user interfaces for digital devices

C.   The measurement of human body dimensions and characteristics

D.   The analysis of work processes and workflow optimization

6: Which of the following is an example of an ergonomic intervention?

A.   Providing adjustable workstations and chairs

B.   Offering monetary incentives for increased productivity

C.   Implementing strict rules and regulations for workplace behavior

D.   Conducting performance evaluations and appraisals

7: How does ergonomics contribute to workplace safety?

A.   By enforcing strict disciplinary actions for rule violations

B.   By identifying and eliminating hazards that can cause musculoskeletal injuries

C.   By promoting competitive and high-pressure work environments

D.   By providing safety equipment such as hard hats and safety goggles

8: What is the purpose of proper workstation ergonomics?

A.   To increase the workload and productivity of employees

B.   To prevent musculoskeletal disorders and promote employee well-being

C.   To enforce strict rules and regulations in the workplace

D.   To reduce the need for breaks and rest periods

9: What is the benefit of ergonomic keyboard and mouse designs?

A.   They increase typing speed and accuracy

B.   They reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and wrist discomfort

C.   They eliminate the need for proper posture and seating arrangements

D.   They improve visual and auditory display quality

10: What is the significance of proper lighting in ergonomics?

A.   It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace

B.   It reduces energy consumption and costs

C.   It reduces eye strain and improves visibility

D.   It promotes social interaction and collaboration

11: How does ergonomics contribute to product design?

A.   By prioritizing aesthetics and visual appeal

B.   By ensuring ease of use and user comfort

C.   By minimizing production costs and maximizing profits

D.   By increasing the complexity and sophistication of product features

12: What is the role of ergonomics in the prevention of workplace injuries?

A.   To enforce strict safety protocols and rules

B.   To identify and mitigate risk factors that can lead to work-related injuries

C.   To provide medical treatment and rehabilitation services

D.   To monitor and evaluate employee performance and productivity