Gynecology MCQs

Gynecology MCQs

Answer these Gynecology MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Gynecology. Scroll down and let's start!

1: Uterine descensus is also known as uterine ________.

A.   Cerclage

B.   Menstrual phase

C.   Abortion

D.   Prolapse

2: Inflammation or infection of the oviduct is called ________.

A.   Salpingitis

B.   Pelvic inflammatory disease

C.   Dyspaurenia

D.   Menorrhagia

3: When the mature ovum leaves the ovary, it is caught by the _____.

A.   Fallopian tube.

B.   Fimbriae.

C.   Infundibulum.

D.   Uterus. Question

4: After four days of development, the zygote is known as a/an ________.

A.   Gonad

B.   Gamete

C.   Embryo

D.   Fertilized egg