Product Design and Development MCQs

Product Design and Development MCQs

Answer these 200+ Product Design and Development MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Product Design and Development.
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1: What kind of structure is Wheelwright and Clark's book about?

A.   Class

B.   Structure

C.   Organization

D.   Team

2: What does Cooper believe in the stage-gate methodology?

A.   Scientific approach

B.   Rigorous approach

C.   Effective approach

D.   Rigid methodology

E.   Flawed approach

3: What is a product development methodology that is mostly non-iterative?

A.   Crystal Method

B.   Rapid application development

C.   Waterfall

D.   Scrum

4: What are the phases called in a Stage-Gate development methodology?

A.   Stages

B.   Phases

C.   Development Stages

D.   Milestones

5: What is the name of the methodology that is primarily defined by the values it emphasizes?

A.   Critical

B.   Agile

C.   Traditional

D.   Waterfall

E.   Rational Unified Process

6: What type of values does Agile emphasize?

A.   Being concise, effective, and easily producible

B.   Being adaptive, responsive, iterative, incremental, cross-functional

C.   Being committed to the principle of

D.   Being customer-centric, focusing on quality, responding quickly

7: What is the name of the methodology that's used in Silicon Valley to develop new products?

A.   Experimental Design

B.   User Research

C.   Design Thinking

D.   Feature Development

E.   Lean Startup

8: What term is abused in the product world?

A.   Kanban

B.   Continuous Delivery

C.   Agile

D.   Lean

9: Who abuses the term "Lean"?

A.   This term is abused by employees

B.   This term is abused by management

C.   Lean is a methodology that is only effective for large companies

D.   This term is abused in the product world

10: What is strategy about?

A.   Developing a plan

B.   Making specific choices

C.   Making deductions

D.   Thinking ahead

E.   Determining the best course of action

11: Who has strategic decision-making authority in the Strategy department?

A.   The CEO

B.   The Executive Committee

C.   The Marketing Team

D.   The CFO

E.   The Product Development Team

12: What is the primary function of marketing?

A.   To get people to buy a product

B.   To persuade people to buy a product

C.   To create a need and then provide the solution

D.   To understand the market and customers

E.   To create a need and fill it

13: In a product company, the team tasked with identifying new technology, performance, or value and applying these to products is known as what?

A.   Sales

B.   Marketing

C.   Research and Development

14: What does the research and development team typically do?

A.   Conducting customer surveys

B.   Identifying new technology, performance, or value

C.   Designing new products

D.   Planning and executing product launches

E.   Conducting market research

15: What kind of people are in the technical team?

A.   The entrepreneurs

B.   The MBAs

C.   The bean counters

D.   The managers

E.   The nerds

16: What are the engineers known as in school?

A.   The support staff

B.   The science team

C.   The administrative staff

D.   The technical team

E.   The math team

17: Design for manufacturing is the practice of what?

A.   Manufacturing friendly

B.   Studying manufacturing processes

C.   Reducing cycle time

D.   Planning for manufacturability

E.   Planning for manufacturing

18: What does DFM stand for?

A.   Device Fault Management

B.   Dynamic Finite Element Method

C.   Data Flow Model

D.   Design for Manufacturing

E.   Dynamic Frequency Management

19: Who uses CAD software?

A.   Architects

B.   CAD team or CAD specialist

C.   Engineers

D.   Engineers or Architects

E.   Customers or End Users

20: Industrial Design is sometimes referred to as what?

A.   Product Design

B.   Graphic Design

C.   Industrial Arts

21: Industrial Design is often considered to be encompassing product designers besides what?

A.   Graphic Design

B.   Interior design

C.   Industrial Production

D.   Engineering

E.   Fashion design

22: What kind of problem do good product managers try to solve?

A.   Product

B.   Process

C.   Market

D.   Customer

E.   Pricing

23: Who is responsible for the operation of the production and product delivery?

A.   Operations

B.   Production

C.   Marketing

D.   Product Delivery

24: What is the name of the book that contains the definition of product?

A.   The Lean Startup

B.   The Bible

C.   The $100 Startup

D.   The Brand Gap

E.   The Personal MBA

25: Innovation is the process of creating and delie-ving what kind of value in the marketplace?

A.   New product value

B.   Reduced costs

C.   Increased efficiency

D.   New customer value

E.   New process value

26: What is the process of creating and delivering new customer value?

A.   Customer service

B.   Innovation

C.   Replacement

D.   Sales

E.   Retention

27: Industrial applications of science are known as what?

A.   Technology

B.   Science

C.   Business

28: What is the general meaning of the term "technology"?

A.   The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry

B.   The use of advanced tools and techniques in the production of goods

C.   The use of modern machines and equipment

D.   The use of new methods of communication

E.   The application of new methods and approaches to solving problems

29: What are the goals of research?

A.   Facts, insights and conclusions

B.   To develop new methods

C.   To develop new knowledge

D.   To contribute to society

E.   To help people

30: What is the first type of scientific research?

A.   Environmental Research

B.   Clinical Research

C.   Experimental Research

D.   Applied Research

E.   Fundamental Research

31: What is the goal of Applied Research?

A.   Fulfilling government requirements

B.   Developing new methods

C.   Solving a real-world problem

32: What type of research is more commercially and pragmatically focused?

A.   Quantitative Research

B.   Experimental Research

C.   Applied Research

D.   Survey Research

33: What is the term for an incomplete or unrefined preliminary version of the final product?

A.   Pre-release

B.   Prototype

C.   Release Candidate

D.   Alpha

E.   Pre-production

34: What is Prototype?

A.   A metal disk with a design on it

B.   A model or example of a proposed solution

C.   An incomplete or unrefined preliminary version of the final product

D.   A computer program designed to simplify the creation of interactive objects

E.   A metal sculpture that is not yet finished

35: What is another term for "product"?

A.   Unit of economic value

B.   Service

C.   Commodity

36: What type of unit is a product?

A.   Child

B.   Self-contained

C.   Assembly

D.   Service

37: What is a self-contained unit of economic value?

A.   Product

B.   Money

C.   Service

38: What is the term for a radically new product that likely uses an entirely new technology or addresses a new or unfamiliar market?

A.   Fundamentally New Product

B.   Pre-Release Product

C.   Next Generation Product

D.   Innovative Product

E.   Breakthrough Product

39: What is a term used to describe New Product ventures that are less risky than Foundational?

A.   Post-Product

B.   Pre-Product

C.   Fundamental

D.   Venture

E.   Pre-production

40: What are the components which are shared across a product family?

A.   Markets or components

B.   Manufacturing processes or components

C.   Designs or components

D.   Technologies or components

41: What type of project involves upgrading or enhancing features but not eliminating previous generations?

A.   Revolutionary Product

B.   Retrofit Product

C.   Incremental Product

D.   Feature Extension

E.   Incremental Improvement

42: A new smaller version of what vehicle falls into the existing product platform?

A.   Mustang

B.   Kia Rio

C.   Smart Fortwo

D.   Camaro

E.   Prius

43: What is the definition of a derivative product?

A.   A new product which falls into an existing Product Platform

B.   A new product which falls into a completely different Product Platform

C.   A new product which is unique to a company

D.   A new product which has been developed specifically for a certain market

E.   A new product that combines features of existing products

44: What type of product is a new smaller version of a Prius?

A.   Hybrid Vehicle

B.   Car

C.   Derivative Product

D.   Automobile

E.   Electric Vehicle

45: What is an example of an ancillary product?

A.   Toilet paper

B.   Bike

C.   IPhone case

D.   Car cleaner

E.   Towel

46: What do the products and services of an ecosystem share?

A.   Diversity of life forms

B.   Diversity

C.   Habitat

D.   Some relationship to one another

E.   Symbiosis

47: What other value-adding sources are included in an augmented product?

A.   Credits

B.   Technical support

C.   Compatibility with other hardware and software

D.   Warranties, service, etc

48: What is an example of an augmented product?

A.   Accessories

B.   Software

C.   Contracts

D.   Physical products

E.   Warranties

49: What can be unique in the experience economy?

A.   Connections

B.   Unique items

C.   Moods

D.   Experiences

E.   Personalized experiences

50: What are commodities interchangeable with?

A.   Services

B.   Products

C.   Money