SketchUp MCQs

SketchUp MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of SketchUp MCQs. We encourage you to test your SketchUp knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Why is inferencing helpful?

A.   Stores information about different points in the image

B.   Allows you to draw very quickly

C.   All of these

D.   Information can be quickly referenced

2: What is most likely the problem when you try to create any polygon (endpoints meeting) but sketchup doesn't create a surface or "skin"?

A.   All lines are interconnected

B.   All lines are not coplanar

C.   A line is curved

D.   "Hide Geometry" is enabled

3: When should Sections Planes be used?

A.   When you want to lock movement along an axis

B.   When you want to divide a model in two

C.   When you want better access to the interior of a model

D.   When you want to add a google earth image to a section of your model

4: How is the 3D warehouse accessed?

A.   Using Get Models tool directly from the toolbar

B.   at

C.   All of these

D.   Using Import from an already saved model

5: What tool is ideal for making spheres and curved surfaces?

A.   Follow-me

B.   Push/Pull

C.   Offset

D.   Scale

6: Which tool should be used to zoom to a view where the whole model is visible and centered in the drawing area?

A.   Zoom extents

B.   Pan

C.   Orbit

D.   Window

7: Where should Ruby scripts be placed once downloaded?

A.   Leave on Desktop for fast access

B.   None of these

C.   Once downloaded, they must be saved as components

D.   In the plugins folder within Sketchup file

8: How is 3D text created in SketchUp?

A.   Only 2D text is available is SU

B.   Using the 3D text feature under TOOLS menu

C.   None of these

D.   Using the 3D text option under Entity Info

9: What is the command for inputting inches in the measurements toolbox?

A.   "

B.   in.

C.   inches

D.   in

10: How can the number of segments of a polygon be changed?

A.   On the Window menu, click Entity info

B.   Typing an "s" after any number in the measurements box

C.   Context-click, and then click entity info

D.   All of these

11: In order for the Follow Me tool to work, there has to be a ________ to lead the profile.

A.   none of these

B.   value

C.   path

D.   length

12: Which of the following is a standard axis color?

A.   All of the above

B.   Only Red and Blue

C.   Blue

D.   Red

E.   Green

13: How can you select multiple entities in SketchUp?

A.   Selecting multiple entities with a selection box.

B.   Selecting connected entities using the Select context-menu item.

C.   All of the Above.

D.   Selecting connected entities using rapid mouse clicking.

14: What does the symbol for extruding a surface look like?

A.   a pencil

B.   an eraser

C.   a protractor

D.   a block with an arrow coming off of it

15: Why is it sometimes necessary to triangulate between edges across an area to get a surface?

A.   All of these

B.   because after creating many disjointed line segments, the surface was not created

C.   because the face finder failed to create a surface

D.   Because SU didn't create a surface or skin

16: How does Active Highlighting help work faster in SU?

A.   It's a method of selecting edges and surfaces when you move over them

B.   All of these

C.   Allows you to act on geometry without needing to pre-select it with the select tool

D.   You can move entire surfaces, edges, or vertex without pre-selecting the geometry

17: Wha is the purpose of LayOut?

A.   to create slideshows

B.   All of these

C.   to create presentation boards

D.   to create small format booklets

18: Why should a model be purged?

A.   To make sketchup run faster

B.   To get rid of unused data

C.   All of these

D.   To reduce the file size

19: What is the purpose of the measurements toolbox?

A.   To manipulate dimension values of a selected entity

B.   Displays dimensional information while drawing

C.   To enter desired dimensions for any entity

D.   All of these

20: What is the Look Around tool useful for?

A.   All of these

B.   Viewing the inside of spaces

C.   To evaluate visibility after using the Position Camera tool

D.   Pivots the camera around a stationary point

21: How is the use of Instructor beneficial?

A.   Displays related options for the tools being used

B.   All of these

C.   Helps navigate to sections in the online SketchUp User's Guide

D.   Displays information on the currently selected tool

22: Which of the following is NOT a standard axis color?

A.   Red

B.   Blue

C.   Yellow

D.   Green

23: Why should the Outer Shell tool be used?

A.   To remove unnecessary geometry on the inside of a model of a structure

B.   To improve the model's performance in Google Earth

C.   All of these

D.   To clean up geometry on the inside of overlapping groups or components

24: What is the 3D Warehouse?

A.   Online collection of 3D models and components

B.   Sketchup headquarters in Colorado

C.   Building maker tool for Sketchup

D.   Desktop folder for saved models

25: What kind of files can be imported into SU?

A.   All of these

B.   2D images

C.   ACAD and 3DS

D.   3D models and DEM

26: What kind of files can be exported from SU?

A.   All of these

B.   2D graphic

C.   Animation

D.   3D model

27: Which of these are resources that can provide help with SU?

A.   Video Playlist

B.   Sketchup Help Forum

C.   All of these

D.   The help menu within SU

28: What are the advantages of using Outliner?

A.   Allows navigation through large models or restructure of the model hierarchy

B.   Allows viewing of Group and Component hierarchies as a hierarchical tree

C.   All of these

D.   Helps locate instances of a particular component, or rename groups and components

29: Which of the following are "Solid Tools" in SketchUp?

A.   Split

B.   Union

C.   Intersect

D.   All of the above

E.   Outer Shell

30: When creating a circle, how can the radius be changed after it has been created?

A.   Context-click, and then click entity info

B.   All of these

C.   Using the radius field inside entity info

D.   On the window menu, click entity info

31: Name a way to view shadows in a model?

A.   By managing Scenes

B.   By Selecting the lighting feature under View

C.   None of these

D.   By enabling the Shadows feature under the View menu

A.   Shadows are always inaccurate when using geo-location

B.   None of these

C.   None, there is no relation between the two

D.   Shadows can be obtained from the coordinates of the geographically positioned model

33: Which best describes the purpose of the Pan tool?

A.   to zoom to a panoramic view of the model

B.   to obtain a plan view of the model

C.   To move the model without changing the viewing direction

D.   None of these

34: Which best describes what a scene is?

A.   All of these

B.   They are saved views of the model

C.   The manual toggling of snapshots in the model

D.   Frames for making walk/fly throughs

35: What effect does triple-clicking have on an edge or surface?

A.   Selects the entity along with any attached geometry connecting to it

B.   Only the edge is selected

C.   None of these

D.   It only selects the surface being clicked

36: What is the advantage of using Hidden Geometry?

A.   All of these

B.   Simplify the current view

C.   Enable viewing and working inside tight areas

D.   Cleaner workspace

37: Which best describes the purpose of the Push/Pull Tool?

A.   To extend or shorten the length of a line

B.   To cut out a section of an object

C.   To increase or decrease the volume of a curved surface

D.   To decrease or increase volume of a geometry

38: Within the Paint Bucket window what is the Eye Dropper used for?

A.   To add color effects to a surface

B.   To correct imperfections in material

C.   To remove a material/color to the palette

D.   To sample any material from your workspace

39: What happens if you press Ctrl (Option on a Mac) when using the move tool?

A.   Selection is inverted

B.   Selection is flipped along axis

C.   A copy is created

D.   An array is created

E.   Selection is rotated

40: If interested in a hand drawn effect, what's the best way to achieve it?

A.   None of these

B.   Using the Style Builder

C.   Not using sketchup and just drawing it by hand

D.   Using the Sketchy Edges style

41: How does applying a Style change the geometry of a drawing?

A.   Changes how the user sees the geometry

B.   All of these

C.   The drawing geometry all stays the same

D.   Only the visual representation of the geometry changes

42: What are the steps to performing a subtraction?

A.   None of these

B.   Left to Right selection> delete

C.   Subtract tool>select object 1 and then 2 with cursor

D.   Using the Section plane tool and selecting the objects

43: What does the Autofold feature do?

A.   when the Move tool only allows you to move the edge in a horizontal direction, but not vertically

B.   constrains an operation in order to keep all faces planar and not creating additional fold lines

C.   When SketchUp limits the movement of an object along a direction

D.   All of these

44: What are the steps for creating videos in Sketchup?

A.   On the File menu, click export, click animation

B.   On the File menu, click save copy as, click animation

C.   On the File menu, click import, click scenes

D.   On the File menu, click burn, click video

45: What does the Entity info window provide?

A.   The layer information of an object

B.   The Area of an object

C.   None of these

D.   All of these

46: The Walk tool is only available in __________ mode.

A.   Parallel

B.   Perspective

C.   None of these

D.   Field of View

47: What does enabling Anti-Aliasing do?

A.   displays lines as smooth

B.   Makes lines thinner

C.   forces the naming of components

D.   convert a group to an object

A.   When using a model from 3D warehouse

B.   When you want to lock an object

C.   None of these

D.   When you are working with repeated geometry

49: What are the limitations on using the Trim tool?

A.   Can only be performed on two overlapping groups or components

B.   Can only be performed while in x-ray view mode

C.   Can only be used on wire frame mode

D.   Can only be used on a component that's been created by you

A.   The Security feature

B.   The Text feature

C.   None of these

D.   The Watermark feature