Writing for Social Media MCQs

Writing for Social Media MCQs

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1: Public relations and advertising professionals use social media

A.   Almost never.

B.   Sparingly.

C.   In virtually every campaign.

D.   Only to reach teenagers.

2: The SMART system is used primarily to help you create

A.   Social media objectives.

B.   A message for only one particular medium.

C.   Advertising slogans.

D.   Headlines.

3: The audience you want your message specifically tailored to is called the

A.   Lifestyle audience.

B.   Target audience.

C.   Niche audience.

D.   Social audience.

4: Which of the following is psychographic information?

A.   Forty-year-old white males.

B.   College-educated Latinos.

C.   Men and women earning more than $50,000 a year.

D.   Upwardly mobile males who enjoy hiking and camping on vacation

5: A social media audit identifies

A.   How many hits a client has on a particular site.

B.   Who has been seeing the client’s Facebook page.

C.   How much money the client is making from social medi

D.   The types of accounts a client has and which are redundant or can be combine

6: Curated content refers to

A.   Artwork only.

B.   Mostly reposts.

C.   Content that is no longer neede

D.   Content that has been fixed

7: A social media style guide

A.   Is not necessary.

B.   Should be the same as the AP style guide.

C.   Will help establish a consistency in your social media writing.

D.   Is nothing like other media guides.

8: Writing in a conversational tone means

A.   Writing as you speak.

B.   Addressing the reader in third person.

C.   Using common words and contractions at times.

D.   Using jargon.

9: Adjectives and adverbs in social media writing

A.   Don’t work as well as action verbs.

B.   Are used to express excitement in the copy.

C.   Are especially important in news events.

D.   Are more important than the verbs.

10: Hashtags used in tweets

A.   Are more of a distraction than anything.

B.   Make it easier to offer your tweet for reposts.

C.   Will drive people away from your tweets for goo

D.   Don’t really offer additional information.

11: Social media copywriting is nothing like electronic media writing.

A.   True

B.   False

12: Social media now account for the highest usage of any type of internet site..

A.   True

B.   False