Person and Environment MCQs

Person and Environment MCQs

Answer these 20+ Person and Environment MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Person and Environment.
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1: Agreeableness is a characteristic in which one is _____, trusting, kind, and warm.

A.   Trusting

B.   Kind

C.   Warm

D.   All of these

2: Conscientiousness means being organized, systematic and _____

A.   Punctual

B.   Achievement oriented

C.   Dependable

D.   All of these

3: Dark triad is composed of Machiavellianism, psychopathy and_____

A.   Narcissism

B.   Sarcasm

C.   Egotism

D.   All of these

4: Demands-Abilities Fit means that the job characteristics are neither too easy nor too difficult for the abilities of the employee; they match.

A.   True

B.   False

5: Extraversion is a trait of a person who is _____

A.   Not talkative

B.   Sociable

C.   Not Outgoing

D.   All of these

6: Machiavellianism refers to a person who believes that the_____

A.   Ends justify the means

B.   Ends do not justify the means

C.   Beginnings justify the means

D.   Beginnings do not justify the means

7: Minnesota Twin Studies are the studies conducted from 1979 to 1999 which followed_____ twins who were separated at an early age.

A.   Identical

B.   Semi Identical

C.   Fraternal

D.   Both a and c

8: Narcissism is the expression of dominance and_____

A.   Grandiosity

B.   Superiority

C.   Entitlement

D.   All of these

9: _____ addresses whether the job fulfills the employee’s need for interesting work and a sense of meaning in their work.

A.   Needs-Abilities Fit

B.   Demand-Abilities Fit

C.   Needs-Supplies Fit

D.   Needs-Abilities Fit

10: _____ represents a tendency to be anxious or mood.

A.   Narcissism

B.   Neuroticism

C.   Extraversion

D.   Egotism

11: A person’s willingness to embrace new ideas and new situations is known as _____

A.   Agreeableness

B.   Openness

C.   Amiableness

D.   All of these

12: Person -Environment Fit is the degree of congruence between the person and the_____

A.   Work situation

B.   Organization

C.   Employer’s attitude

D.   All of these

13: Person-Job Fit occurs when job characteristics are aligned with employees’_____

A.   Personalities

B.   Motivations

C.   Abilities

D.   All of these

14: The match between a person’s individual values and those of the organization they work for is known as_____

A.   Person-Environment Fit

B.   Person-Organization Fit

C.   Person-Job Fit

D.   All of these

15: Personality means regularities in _____ that are characteristic of an individual.

A.   Feeling

B.   Thought

C.   Action

D.   All of these

16: Personality-Job Fit Theory is a fit that occurs when job characteristics are aligned with employees’ _____

A.   Personality

B.   Motivations

C.   Abilities

D.   All of these

17: Positive Organizational Behaviour is the study and application of positive-oriented _____ that can be measured, developed, and effectively managed for performance improvement in today's workplace.

A.   Human resource strengths

B.   Psychological capacities

C.   Both

D.   None

18: Psychological Capital is the value of individual differences, including hope and _____

A.   Optimism

B.   Resiliency

C.   Efficacy

D.   All of these

19: Psychopathy is Impulsivity and thrill seeking combined with_____

A.   Anxiety

B.   Low empathy

C.   Good insight

D.   Both a and b

20: Risk Taking can be_____

A.   Physical

B.   Psychological

C.   Social

D.   Both a and c

21: Self -Monitoring is defined as “self-observation and self-control guided by situational cues to_____

A.   Social Acceptance

B.   Social Guidance

C.   Social Appropriateness

D.   All of these

22: State-Like are the characteristics that cannot be changed.

A.   True

B.   False

23: Trait-Like are the personality characteristics that are relatively stable over time.

A.   True

B.   False

24: Type A behaviour is a behavior pattern characterized by hostility and _____

A.   Urgency

B.   Impatience

C.   Competitive drive

D.   All of these

25: All are true about Type B Behaviour except_____

A.   Noncompetitive nature

B.   Desire to be liked by others

C.   Impatience

D.   Steady work habits

26: Type C Behaviour is a behavior pattern characterized by_____

A.   Predictability

B.   Punctuality

C.   Contentment

D.   Relaxed demeanor

27: A behavior pattern characterized by an aversion to leading, punctuality, contentment, and giving support to others is known as _____

A.   Type A Behaviour

B.   Type B Behaviour

C.   Type C Behaviour

D.   Type D Behaviour